Jewelshangout: One Stop Shop for Trendy Fashion Accessories


Tell Us Something About The Store Owner-The Brain Behind The Brand?

I am Shanky Midha, store owner of Jewelshangout. After looking into the huge demand and opportunities in the field of ecommerce, I planned to quit my job and started my own store. My father is a successful merchant of fashion accessories like artificial jewelry, men’s belt, men’s wallet, women’s handbags, women’s clutches, etc. for the last 25 years. We have a physical store in the heart of Ranchi City. We supply our products all over the northern regions of India. This gave me a high confidence and I started my e-store, Jeweshangout. When I checked the latest trends and prices of the products in the existing e-store, I found that I can offer the same products at better prices that would attract many shoppers across India. This is when my decision was finalized and I came up with the idea of Jewelshangout. This idea was turned into a reality with the help of KartRocket and other people who helped me set up my online store.

How Did You Come Up With The Idea Of Creating Your Own Store?

I was working for an MNC and found one of my colleague ordered a handbag from an e-store. When I looked at the product details and price, I found that I can offer the same products at a lesser price. After doing 3 months of research, I found that the idea of creating an e-store is big and can take Indian ecommerce markets to new heights. Then was the time I never looked back and started my e-store and currently I am a proud owner of it. Huge Thanks to Kartrocket for setting my e-store in such an easy way.

What Is So Unique About Your Online Store?

Jewelshangout is a complete store of Fashion accessories for men and women like men’s belt, wallet, cufflinks, deodorants, women handbags, clutches, wallets, deodorants at the best prices. One of the unique things that Jewelshangout is that we sell some of our products in just Re. 1, which is quite a unique concept.

What Were The Major Challenges Did You Face While Starting Up?

After idea of creating the e-store was finalized, we faced numerous challenges. Since we were starting this store from a small town, i.e. Ranchi, there was a little working environment to operate the e-store. Other challenges that we have faced is how to create our website, how to get the product photography done, how to tie up with the courier companies, how to do marketing of the website and much more. But to our surprise KartRocket helped us overcome all these challenged easily.. My heartiest thanks to their entire team.

Any Learning You Want To Share With Fellow Entrepreneurs?

Before starting up the online store, I was confused will it be a success or not? Will my products be appreciated by my customers? But after its launch, we have realized the Indian eCommerce market is growing at a very fast pace. If you are really serious about setting up an e-store, nobody can stop you from touching new heights every day.

How Was Your Experience With KartRocket?

Everything got so easy and flexible with KartRocket. I am a big fan of them. All the credit for my website goes to them. They have excellent people out there who started helping me from day 1 and are still with me for all my queries. Thanks to the founder of KartRocket who came up with such an excellent idea. Thanks again to the entire team.

Jewelshangout is an online store that deals with various trendy fashion accessories for men and women. Visit their website to shop for men’s wallet, deodorants as well as women’s handbags, clutches, wallets and much more.

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