KartRocket Introduces WAP Website For Its Merchants

KartRocket introduces WAP

Taking a step ahead in making our merchants completely ready for their online business, we are pleased to announce the launch of WAP or Wireless Application Protocol. Now, we will help you create a separate website, especially for mobile users without any extra money or hassle of managing or redesigning your current website, which has better loading speed and great flow of data.

Understanding The Basics Of WAP Website

WAP or Wireless Application Protocol is a secure and widely used specification that allows user to access your website instantly on wireless devices like mobile phones and smartphones. It is an international standard establishing how mobile devices can access information on the Internet. With this technology, users can view your website. It is very similar to your website, except that it is optimized for

• low-display capability
• low-memory
• low-bandwidth devices

So, if somebody from a remote area, where internet connection is not very strong, can access easily your website with better navigation and usability.

Why You Need A WAP Website? The Answer Is Here

According to a recent report, there has been a growth of more than 100% in mobile purchasers. Can you actually afford to lose these numbers? Ofcourse not! That’s why you need WAP website. This technology yields the following benefits:

• Better Loading Speed, Even in Low Bandwidth and Less Internet Speed

• Easier Flow of Data on Mobile, as Compare to Responsive Website.

• Beautiful Design and Usability Of Website

• Fast, Convenient and Seamless Checkout

• Single URL For All Devices

• No Extra Expense or Efforts required

Get Your WAP Website Easily With KartRocket Online Store

In just 3 steps, you will get fully functional mobile website for your online store. All you need is to follow these steps:

• Login to your KartRocket admin panel. On the left menu, click on “Mobile Website.”

KartRocket introduces WAP

• After this, go to Banner and upload them for your mobile website. The banner size should be 700 x 350 px. Don’t forget to mention the image Alt text and order. Click on Save after you are done.

KartRocket introduces WAP 1

• Now, go to Settings. Choose the number of latest products to be viewed on your mobile website. You can also choose Theme button color. Click on Save.

KartRocket introduces WAP 2
• Congrats! You mobile website is ready. The final outcome will look like this.

KartRocket introduces WAP 3


P.S. This feature is available for all KartRocket merchants, at no additional cost. Please note that no further customization will be acknowledged. In case of any queries, please mail us at {email ID}



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