KartRocket Marketing Initiatives

Spread Your Brand to Highly Relevant Audience

KartRocket offers advanced features that help you increase the reach of your brand. We empower you with latest technologies to drive targeted audience to your websites. Bundle of Marketing integrations definitely the best match for any business requirement. Dynamically build audience which are most likely to convert & seamlessly run Facebook & Google ads on them. One click integration with the best affiliate marketing tools to help you list on high traffic websites attracting lot of potential customers.

  1. Attract Users With Google & Facebook Ads

Display your product to most relevant audience across multiple channels with single automated platform. We understand that every business is unique in its own sense, ads which work for one might not work for all. Hence, we analyse and predict conversion rates & demand for each product based on your site behavior. With our predictive analytics, we set rules for auto allocation of budgets & bids. One click integration with your Kartrocket store makes it all the more easy to keep your audience updated about recent changes.  You can quickly create and launch ads using your existing product data, by utilizing the auto generated product feeds from the panel. Our advanced engine helps you run dynamic re targeting ads which helps you promote your products to users who earlier viewed it. It’s easy to integrate and implement on your eCommerce store with only basic understanding of the system.

  1. Track and Measure Conversions With Pixel Tracking

Pixel is a unique code created based on your website’s entity id, to track action from a given platform on your website. It is preferably placed on specific page or on a particular action you want to track. Each platform might require a unique pixel to be placed which would help you measure every user action on your website. It is used to track, report conversions, build audiences & get rich insights about how people use your website’s particular event. Default pixel code is pre-embedded in your website, you just need to copy the unique id from Google Adwords, Facebook or Analytics Account and paste it in the space provided in the store admin panel.

  1. Sell On High Traffic Affiliate Websites

Market your brand on high traffic websites, gain potential & targeted leads with top rated affiliate marketing tools. Increase Customer Acquisition and Retention through viral referral campaigns. Kartrocket provides seamless integration multiple affiliates. Once integrated you can track the performance of all the affiliates on a single dashboard.

  1. Affiliate Networks:InnoExcel, IcubesWire,  Dgxsell
  2. Affiliate Sites:Freekamaal, Mydala,
  3. Coupon Sites:Coupondunia, Coupon Nation
  4. Referral and Cash back Engines:Refiral, Baggout

Convert with your visitors Into Customers

We have seen our clients grow at nearly 2X the industry average because we give them right features and tools that help us effectively convert visitors in to customers. Engage with your customers with the best personalised communications. Give the right push to your customers to  visit your website so they get converted into your customers. Customize the website as per every visitor, make them feel that you know exactly what they want even if they left your website.

  1. Dynamic Carousels

Keep your website fresh and dynamic without having constant changes done by your tech team. Keep your site lively with New Arrivals, Trending Products, Top Sellers and Live Feed of User Activity. Dynamically create web widgets and use them on any landing page you want. Tag users based on their activity and product they visited, show them related products, recently viewed, grouped product. Your users would definitely want to see if someone else bought this product or not. Use these tools to increase purchases and reduce the time leading to purchases for all your customers.

  1. Build Trust with Ratings & Reviews

Featuring product reviews increases sales by 21% on average. Integrate with the smartest product reviews and rating solution that helps you generate tons of authentic reviews. They can be seamlessly distributed over all social platforms thus creating brand value & word of mouth for your brand. You can harness the trust of your past buyers to turn visitors in to shoppers. Instantly send them emails for product reviews and give them beautiful, simple, mobile-first reviewing experience. Reward them for their loyalty with discounts or other benefits that keeps them coming back to your website.

  1. Discount Rules

Acquire new customers, retain slipping clients, and reward the loyal ones with our discount rules app. You can setup flash sales, Fixed &  percentage discounts at category & product levels with this flexible tool. It facilitates you to create a price rules which would ensure both you and customer get the best out of the transaction.

  1. Ready to Launch Combo Offers on Products

All customers love offers & combo deals are the icing on the cake. With our inbuilt Combo Offer app you can easily create custom rules at Product and Category level to create multiple offers & combo deals on daily basis. You can combine high moving product with lower ones to liquidate it. Run custom offers from your admin panel with no tech effort from day one.

Types of rules which can be applied are as follows:

  1. You Buy X and get Y Free

This rule is applied at product level, it defines that if a customer buys X number of products then will get Y number of products free on buying X number products but in cart there should be X+Y products. Customer will get only Y lowest price products as free.

  1. Buy X number of products and get freebie

It means at the time of checkout customer will get a freebie product that will be added by merchant itself on buying X number of products. Leading to you getting a product free of cost.

  1. Buy Product Worth Rs.X  and get freebie

It means customer will get a freebie product at the time of checkout if their order total equal or greater than Rs. X that will be added in backend by the merchant itself.

Re-engage With Your Customers

KartRocket offers you integration with best engagement solutions available for building fully customized ecommerce sites that engage and convert shoppers. Engage with your existing clients by sending them personalized communications. You can easily promote products based on buying history, target long-time customers with rewards, and win back previous shoppers with special offers. Re-engage with customers using SMS, browser push & email notifications etc.

  1. Automatic Newsletter

Set Up a two way communication with your customers, engage them by sending more useful content than promotional stuff. Remember a customer lands up to your website if it has something unique to offer. Keep them updated with learning guides, how to, industry trends, blogs & success stories. Re-engage with up to 19% of inactive users through curated content and blogs.

  1. Automatic SMS

SMS is a powerful medium giving you instant access to your customer’s phone, if used right. Use it smartly, and make it lead into more engagement. Use it to fuel app downloads or website conversions. Retarget your customers through SMS who do not respond to emails. SMS has the highest probability that it will read by your customers.

  1. Browser Push

Always wondered how you can get back the people who visited your website and left without a signup? Here we are with an automated solution for engaging with them. Showcase them your products, send them regular customized messages and increase their chances of conversion.  Get a one time opt-in and then have access to them even when they are not on your website. Keep them engaged with New Product Arrival announcements, Personalized Reminders, Flash Sales Announcements, and Interesting Content.

  1. Auto Facebook Post

Automate Facebook posts and keep a regular frequency without any effort. Keep your page updated with trends and real time information of what’s happening on the website. Update them with new arrivals and trends, offers or special discounts. You can increase your organic reach by 56% with no extra effort.

  1. Notify Customers Automatically About the Availability of Product

Worried that you did a marketing blast & got lot of leads for a product but it went out of stock, with ‘Notify’ feature which allows customer to setup alerts when a given product would be available. Once the product is in Stock customers gets notified automatically about its availability. Never let your products go ‘Out Of Stock’ with our unique ‘Notify’ feature.

Recommendation Engine

  1. Automate Abandoned Cart Emails

Trends suggest that more than 50% of the eCommerce users exit any website before checkout. You can push them to visit your website again by sending them customizable series of emails. Help them understand your product, its benefits & why they should complete the purchase. Run offers with products they had in their cart. It is a very useful feature as you can easily set the frequency and the content for the same.

  1. Personalised Recommendations

Create multiple persona based on the user behaviour on the website. Engage your customers across the Web, Email, SMS and Social Pages. Measure user response and retarget them on the right medium. Automate your campaigns, posts, emails monitor and tweak them.  Dynamically segment content, handpick products to showcase and create customizable product recommendations.

  1. Define Custom Rules for Sending SMS

You can create rules based on the user activity on the email and place triggers at every stage. For every recommendation email you send there is a high probability of it going unread. Hence setting an auto SMS which lands directly on phone might solve our purpose. If the users opts for browser notification then they get it as an additional communication.


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