KartRocket Moves To Akamai; Becomes the Fastest SaaS Based Ecommerce Platform


Did you know that even 1 second delay in page response can lead to 7% decline in conversion rate? Also, 40% visitors will totally abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. And, one of the important metrics of Google search rankings is how fast your page loads. In general, faster sites are not only rewarded by Google but also loved by the visitors.

So, in order to make your KartRocket store ready for high end industry, we are glad to announce that we are finally moving our entire platform traffic to be routed via Akamai. For those who have not heard of it, Akamai is one of the world’s largest distributed computing platforms dispersed all around the world and is responsible for serving around 30% of the total internet traffic; which is way too much of control by a single entity considering the fact that the largest ISP has only a total control of 5% of the traffic.

With its arsenal of over 170,000 servers worldwide, their customer base includes the likes of Apple, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, etc.

So, How Exactly Akamai Will Work on Your KartRocket Store?

Earlier, when a user navigated to you site, their request used to travel through our Firewalls, Load Balancer and Application Servers, in that order. Our Application Servers were responsible for all the hard work and pass on the rendered response back to the Load balancer through our Firewalls and back to the user.

However, with Akamai, when a user navigates to your KartRocket store, it actually goes to an Akamai server. Akamai first checks if it has the cached content available for the request or not. If it has then the page gets served from the Akamai server itself; otherwise, it fetches the data from the KartRocket server and the same is cached and served to the user as well. When you read this, it might seem like a lot of work to be done but all that happens before you are able to blink your eye!

Faster Loading Time

All that sounds regular. And trust me when I say that, this is not even the tip of the iceberg. The real magic lies in the way Akamai handles your request.

Akamai drastically improves the load times for web pages, static content like CSS, JavaScript and images. This is achieved by using a geographically dispersed network of servers, the world over. So, when a user requests a webpage, they are always served content from a server closest to their geographic location via the best available delivery route, which basically means low network latencies, lower packet loss and higher bandwidth resulting in better load times.

What this means for you is that a customer browsing your website from Saket, New Delhi would be served content probably from Saket itself whereas, one accessing the same website from Juhu, Mumbai would be served content from a server nearest to Juhu. Previously, all requests used to hit our network in Singapore.

Also, it does not end there. Akamai also accelerates the responses by determining the user’s device-type in real-time. So, a mobile user on a cellular network will see images optimized to boost their network performance whereas a user with broadband DSL would see images and content optimized for their network throughout.

More Data Security

Routing our traffic through Akamai also means that your data is more secure as a lot of attacks get neutralized by Akamai, even before they reach our servers which basically translate to a more secure KartRocket. Hence, your data is safe with us

All this caching and offloading of the KartRocket servers mean that our platform is able to perform better than what our machines can handle. Before Akamai, we had to spawn new servers to handle concurrencies > 1500. But now, that is a thing of the past.

We are yet to see a concurrency that our servers are unable to handle. This also means less server work for us, which in turn translates to us doing cooler stuff like building Drones and Rocket Propellers which are basically internal names for some of our systems.

Jokes apart, it means we are able to focus better on the product and bring you newer features and resolve any issues more swiftly than in the past.

Happy Rocketeering!


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