Show Your Product’s Real Colors With Kartrocket’s Option Image Update

For many customers, online shopping involves a risk as they cannot see or touch the product in reality. Your product images and descriptions invoke your customer to buy. There are many products which have multiple color option. If a customer orders the product in one color whose image is not available, many times, he/she doesn’t like the color once it gets delivered and an exchange or refund.

This is one of the major reasons for product returns that they didn’t get what they expect. This is quite common in categories like apparels, footwear or bags where there are many color variations.

KartRocket’s Option Image Update

If your KartRocket store had a lot of product returns due to its color difference, then you can avoid it in future by showcase your product images in every color available so that your customer can clearly make up his/her mind. That is why, we have introduced KartRocket Option Image Update.

With this feature, whenever your customer chooses any color, the product image will automatically change and will show the product in that color.

How Option Image Update Works?

Before you turn on Option Image Update Option in your KartRocket store, you add products with properly defined color variants and corresponding images. To do this, follow these steps.

1) Login to your KartRocket Store.

2) Click on Catalog, and then click on Add Products.

option image update

3) In case you have already added your products, you can go to Manage Products and click on the pencil icon.

option image update 1

4) Go to Product Variation and then add a new variation with the name of “Color.”

option image update 2

5) Add the value (as in color name), option SKU (which will be as same as the image name), quantity, additional price, points and weight. Also, upload corresponding product images.

option image update 3

6) Once you are done, save the changes.

option image update 4

7) Now, go to apps and search for “Option Image Variant.” Click on it to change its status from Off to On.

option image update 5

Your store will easily show images of the product color which you customer chooses. For example, in the following image, if your customer chooses black color T-shirt, it’s image is shown and when you customer chooses white color T-shirt, the white one is shown.

option varitant 2 black Option Varitant 3 white



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