KartRocket Store Now Supports GIF Images

KartRocket platform now supports ‘GIF images’, you can easily upload them in the gallery section. Uploaded Images can further be used as a logo, web banner or in Product Images.

Here’s why you should have a GIF image in your store:

  1. Display multiple images in single image – GIF is really handy when you have lots of products to show. Instead of creating gallery of pictures you can show everything in one GIF.
  2. Movement Attracts Attention – People love visual information because it’s easy to consume it. They get all the information in the single view.
  3. Stand Out from the Competition – A banner with a lovely GIF will have much bigger visibility than your competitors with images.
  4. Open in all browsers without plugin – Gif’s are the best alternative if you want to show any animation in your store, they are light to use & compatible with all browsers.

All set, for uploading GIF images in your KartRocket store you must follow standard image upload steps.

For example, If you want to upload GIF image in products, follow these steps

1. Login to Store Admin Panel.

2. Go to ‘Catalog’ and navigate to ‘Manage Products’.


3. Choose the product for uploading the Gif image.


4. Click on ‘Edit icon’.

5. Scroll down to locate ‘Product Images’ section and click ‘Browse’.


6. Browse to the image location & upload it in the image gallery.


7. Select the uploaded image to be visible at the front end.


Please ensure that the maximum size of the file should be less than 500Kb.


Puneet Bhalla

Senior Marketing Manager at Shiprocket

7+ years of experience in growth hacking and product marketing. A passionate digital marketer with a great blend of technology. I spend most of my time upskilling and experimenting, for my love of doi ... Read more

Puneet Bhalla

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