Kartrocket: 8 Qualities That Makes Us Unique!

When we started last year with a handful of clients, we had no idea that success would come so early to us. In less than a year, KartRocket has more than 700 happy clients. If you ask what makes us an apple of eye for most start-ups, we would say its not just what we offer to them but who we are. There are 8 humble reasons what makes us who we are today.

1. We are just like you.

99% of our clients are start-ups and we are just like them. KartRocket is an odd one-year-old company. We too had a humble beginning with just two developers and three co-founders (Saahil, Gautam and Vishesh) in a small office. We understand what it takes to run a start-up company and what challenges do our clients face every day. Our own experience makes us more sympathetic towards our clients, which we believe is a good point.

Kartrocket team

Kartrocket initial team

2. We are flexible.

We know how things work in start-ups and we give our clients ample liberty for that. We go beyond our commitments to get things done for them. Our Go-Live experts Shashank, Shweta and Reepika extend their trials or go live periods on request. They sometime even set up their client’s entire store just because our clients got stuck somewhere. At KartRocket, we push our limits to suit our client best.


We take calls even on vacations. :-p

3. We are technically much stronger.

Technology has always been our strong point. Our developers Prabhat, Sunil, Shalu and Priya literally work their ass-off to make KartRocket- the best and wholesome eCommerce software. We are not satisfied with what is available in the market. One such example is Shiprocket. In such a nascent stage, Kartrocket managed to solve the shipping worries of Indian retailers. This way, we have been a trendsetter, when it comes to adding new functionality to eCommerce software.

4. We pay up-most attention to aesthetics.

Technology eases your store management but aesthetics improves customer experience. We understand the important of a beautiful looking eCommerce store. This is the reason, our designer Harvinder never stops creating new design themes to impress you and your customers. We take pride to have the best design templates on our platform.

Harvinder-Design Head at Kartrocket

Harvinder-Creative Head at Kartrocket

5. We understand the financial limitations.

If you are running a start-up company, it’s less likely that you are sitting on a gold mine and do not mind spending lavishly. We have constructed our plans to make it affordable for all kind of start-ups. Apart from just providing our clients an eCommerce store, we try to give them initial push to get them traffic on website. Like, we provide free Google adwords credit so that you can run your ads. Or, we regularly feature our clients on our brand page and blog to give their eCommerce store the best coverage.

6. We believe that we cannot be successful until you are not successful.

The foundation of our business model is mutual success. If our client’s eCommerce store is not successful, they might want to shut it down at one point, which eventually is a loss for our business. We want our clients to be successful more than we want us to be successful.

7. We have a vision.

We are not following our competitors; rather we have a very clear vision for us. KartRocket does not wish to run in the same rat race. We are trying to be a trendsetter in the Indian eCommerce market. We want to provide a wholesome software to all eCommerce entrepreneurs, which literally simplifies selling online.

8. Your feedback makes us work better

We are a growing company and will always remain that. We do not want to settle with what we have today. That’s the reason, we always ask our customers what they want. An unhappy customer is a testament for us as they teaches us about the aspects on which we are lacking and what we need to do next. For example, we have developed several apps after hearing back from our customers. If KartRocket lacks something, we want our clients to let us know and we will build that for them.

Kartrocket Feedback

Call us at +91-9015644441 for anything.

Saahil Goel

CEO and Co-Founder, KartRocket.com


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