What Shiprocket 360 Did for Value Shoppe

Value Shoppe arose from the need of deadstock inventory management and liquidation wherein they created a platform for buyers and sellers to meet and profit, mutually. They envisage to become a reliable destination for buying and selling of any kind of goods – be it unsold/ aged/ customer returned/ off shelves/ off fashion/ surplus making it a hassle-free activity. The platform gives brands and merchants to dispose of their dead stocks and make an earning from them.

Value Shoppe’s Requirements

The company wanted a simple website with an easy to comprehend interface to uncomplicate the process for its targeted audience. The goal was to create a platform where the sellers could upload the inventory with a few clicks of their smartphones.

  • Multivendor panel for Selling Unsold/Deadstock in bulk
  • Only act as a facilitator between Sellers and Buyers
  • Easy to use platform

How Shiprocket 360 Helped

We created a personalized vendor panel where the client’s vendor can log in and simply post a deal. This is as simple as clicking and uploading your picture on a social media platform. Keeping in view that the targeted audience might not be interested in complicated procedures while uploading their inventory, the interface has been kept very basic and simple.

To cater to the need where the client wanted to create a platform for different vendors and customers to interact, we created a multi-vendor website. This enables the client to act as a moderator while the transactions take place between the merchants and buyers.


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Debarpita Sen

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