KartWedding – One-stop online marketplace for wedding and trousseau accessories.

Deepika Lakhotia, Founder and Director After working with big names like Ernst & Young and Lodha and Co, she took up the position of the Director at STI Infrastructures Limited. Growing as a young and dynamic Business woman and observing the need of the market, she spotted a perfect opportunity to bring wedding and trousseau accessories from all across India online.

With a clear vision and a small team she launched a one-stop online market place ‘Kartwedding’ in 2016 under the banner of Kart Tech Solutions Private Limited. This web-store brings you a wide variety of wedding and trousseau products right at your fingertips from different parts and cultures of India.

How did you come up with the idea of creating your own store?

During the wedding season we all become a part of the exhausting and time consuming shopping parade. Searching for the smallest to the biggest wedding and trousseau accessories as per our particular cultures and traditions becomes a tough task. It even requires walking to various corners and travelling to far off cities to purchase what is exactly required. The idea clicked in one such situations, with a motive to save everybody’s time and pockets from this entire old school exercise of looking for the right wedding and trousseau products. It felt like a dream come true if all these products can be purchased online, and thus ‘Kartwedding’ came into form

What is so unique about your online store?

Kartwedding is one of a kind online store and what makes it so unique is the fact that we have handpicked a wide range of hard to find wedding and trousseau accessories from every possible corner of India, and made them available online. Our store is a breath of relief and a pathway to the most pocket friendly, time saving, and exciting shopping experience for everyone who has ever wished for an online solution for shopping wedding and trousseau accessories. The beauty is Kartwedding has something for everyone from the lowest to the highest budget without compromising on quality.

What were the major challenges did you face while starting up?

India is the land of different cultures and as our idea was to create a store where wedding and trousseau accessories from different cultures will be available to make shopping for traditional products an easy affair, the biggest challenge was to understand the needs of customers from different cultures as per their traditions. It required a lot of research and travelling to different parts of India, so that we bring our customers exactly what they are looking for

Any learning you want to share with fellow entrepreneurs?

It’s too early for us to share any learnings with fellow entrepreneurs as we have just started and are ourselves looking forward to learn and grow.

How was your experience with Kartrocket?

Working with Kartrocket was a smooth ride to creating our online store. It was great to see our idea of an online market place turning into reality without compromising on details be it design or programming at any stage of the website development. Kartrocket proved to be a one-stop solution to all our digital needs.


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