Do Keywords Actually Matter When It Comes To Search Engine Optimization?

We have all heard a lot of praises and hails about the whole keyword melodrama in the dictionary of Search Engine Optimization. Keyword research takes a front seat, every time a Search Engine Optimization analyst has to come up with keyword rich content. The job of a Search Engine Optimization expert is inherently connected with ample keyword research. What we typically see most Search Engine Optimization experts doing on an everyday basis, when it comes to working in an SEO environment is making a list of relevant topics to the content and then skipping over to jotting down relevant keywords in relation that topic.

In further addition, a Search Engine Optimization expert can utilize various data and analytics services provided by Google, for making the content more Search Engine Optimized. However, have we ever stopped once to wonder and analyze if this process is, in fact, all the worth? What actually impacts your search engine rankings are your topics and not keywords and this is a rather cemented theory that has erupted from recent data analytics.

The evolution of keyword research

From time to time, technology and internet features witness a change. In the same league and fashion, Search Engine Optimization has also evolved by leaps and bounds. In the present day, keyword research is not as relevant as it used to be. This is the reason why Search Engine Optimization experts are moving on from this conventional process and finding new ways to make their websites rank higher in search results.
Search Engine Optimization is evolving from every facet that is imaginable. Search Engine Optimization is now everything about data tools, keywords, back-links and Google tools. Each of these components overlaps and interact with one another to create a jumble of algorithms that are slowly evolving to give rise to the new Search Engine Optimization culture.

Now the issue at hand for Search Engine Optimization experts is this. What should they explain to their clients about their business and their job? How should they prove to be valuable for the client? If not keywords, then what factors should their business focus on, to create targeted content?

As per latest research and studies, Keywords have proved to be unsuccessful as the sole driving force in optimizing content. As per the recent Hummingbird algorithms used by Google to rank websites, it is quite evident that Google isn’t putting your website on the top, based solely upon the quality of keywords used. Studies have revealed that some of the top rated blogs even did not have a high keyword density or a number of back-links to support Search Engine Optimization goals. Instead, it was discovered that these blogs relied upon acute topic research and holistic content, to make and support Search Engine Optimization targets. So the crux of the study is this, strong content is driving SEO goals in the recent days and not keywords or back-links.

However, this study and its results should not make you think if keyword research is an altogether useless activity. It matters but in the recent days, as it may happen, it has taken a back seat in being targeted as the sole driving force in achieving Search Engine Optimization goals. It can be easily concluded that keywords are just one of the few relevant factors in making your website reach high in organic search results.

How does topic research matter more than keyword research?

Based on many high profile data studies that have been conducted on Google’s behavior, it has been observed that the search engine uses topic relevancy as the base for semantically analyzing search results. Thus, what you need to make your website reach the top spot is to make it rich in topic relevancy and not keyword relevancy.
To get the best of organic search results, Google is actively using different algorithms than those that were previously thought to be useful in analyzing data relevancy. However, does Google let you identify quite easily what you need to use in your content to make it top rated? Nope. Most of the tools offered by Google, won’t do that job for you because they are insufficient for identifying and displaying adequate data that can possibly make sense for a Search Engine Optimisation expert. So, it is definite that Google ranks your website for your topic and not your keywords. However, there are several other tools that are available online, which can help you in the task of understanding Search Engine Optimisation.

The lowdown

So, ultimately, what should you be doing to get your website to rank on top of your competitors? While it may not sound an easy task, Search Engine Optimization can reach new heights if you combine the power of topic research as well as keyword research. This power packed punch can send your website easily on top of those of your competitors.
However, needless to say, topic research is where the real power of all your Search Engine Optimisation efforts lie and should rightly go to! An easy way is to target a strong topic and research apt keywords that match up to that topic. Then, you can utilize the services of various tools to maneuver your website on the top.

This individually researched topic and keyword research should be combined and included in your content to make it actually impact and potential to realize the goals of the whole Search Engine Optimisation activity. In this way, you can bring a positive impact on your search engine results and bring your website on top of others. It is quite easy actually, provided you are able to utilize the right tools and analytics. Data analysis can also prove to be very beneficial in bringing a positive change in this whole exercise.

Final Say

So, why wait, start with topic research today and see the targeted and effective results it is going to yield for your business in a short while itself.

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