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Whenever you go online and see ads for a pair of boots that you have been recently eyeing up on the internet, you are being targeted for remarketing. Remarketing is one of the best tools for driving conversions as well as brand awareness online. This is the reason why it is extremely important for you to know how to set up a remarketing campaign. But, before that let’s just understand what is remarketing?

What is remarketing?

The Google Ad Words remarketing is an important method that allows you to target the people that have previously visited your website using the Display Ads that appeared on the other web portals within the Google Display Network. This is majorly achieved by tagging the visitors with a cookie when they visit a specific page on your site. These users are therefore added to a list.


Goals of a remarketing campaign

So, what are the goals that you would wish to achieve with a Google Ad words display remarketing campaign?

  • Encourage repeat purchase from past visitors
  • Target the previous visitors which couldn’t be converted to customers
  • Increase the brand awareness

How does an Ad Words Remarketing Campaign become successful?

Besides being able to drive awareness of the brand on the internet, remarketing also helps in driving additional conversions from the previous visitors who know you and have a certain interest in the type of products you offer. There are a couple of reasons why you failed to convert these visitors into customers. One of the most prominent reasons for the same is that the customers perhaps wished to shop around so as to get the best price before committing to a purchase. But with the help of display remarketing, you are able to keep your brand in the mind of the customer even when they leave your site.  Besides this, remarketing is immensely cost effective. With remarketing you gain a lot of exposure and pay only for the click received on the ad.

How can you set up a Google Ad Words Remarketing Campaign?

In order to create and activate a remarketing campaign for your Google Ad Words account you need to know about the three core components of setup.

  • The first step involves the creation of an audience to whom you have to remarket. This audience is further used to pool the website visitors who can then be remarketed to. Referred to as the remarketing list, the audience included in it is a collection of users who qualify based on the requirements that are set by an advertiser.
  • In the second step, you have to create a remarketing campaign within the Google Ad Words account. Setting up this campaign is more or less similar to setting up of the standard campaign in Ad Words.
  • Thirdly, as an advertiser, you will have to add a series of image ads or text ads in your campaign.

How to Create a Remarketing List in Google AdWords?

  • Log in to your Google Ad Words account.
  • Click on the ‘Shared Library’ link given in the lower left navigation bar.


  • Next, you’ll have to click on the ‘Audiences’ section.
  • Further, if this is your first attempt at remarketing, you will have to add a remarketing tag on your website. This small code allows the visitors to be tagged with a cookie that is necessary for your remarketing ads. The ads will be shown to the visitors even when he is on the website. Having the tag active and rightly installed in the site is necessary in order to pool the remarketing list.
  • Google Ad Words with then create an ‘All Visitors’ audience list. Using the remarketing list, you can get started with it. In this list, all the visitors who have visited your website will be pooled.
  • Next, you’ll have to enter a membership duration for the list. This duration will determine how long the cookie of the visitors will stay on your list. Usually, the membership duration is 30 days for a visitor.
  • After the list is created and the tag is implemented, an audience list size will begin to grow.


How to Create a Remarketing Campaign in Google AdWords?

Once the remarketing list is prepared, you need to shift your attention to creating the Remarketing campaign in Ad Words.

  • In order to initiate the process, you’ll have to hover on the ‘Campaigns’ tab of your Google Ad Words account. From there, you will have to click on the ‘+Campaign’ button.


  • Next, you’ll have to select the ‘Display Network Only.’


  • Third, you’ll have to walk through the guided process in order to complete the campaign setup.
  • Post that, you’ll have to name your first ad group. This can be the same name as the audience you created. After that you’ll have to set an initial default bid.
  • Further select ‘Interests & remarketing’ as the targeting option.
  • After that, a drop down list will show to you.
  • From there, you have to select the targeting category as the ‘Remarketing lists’.
  • Next, you’ll have to click the arrow to the right of the ‘All Visitors’ list to select it.

On completion of this process, you have now assigned the remarketing list created by you to the remarketing campaign being put together.

How to Upload Image Ads into Google AdWords?

Before you head on to adding the image ads in the campaign, do ensure that add the banner ads have been formatted and sized within the ad requirements as set by Google. Once you have the ads formatted and images sized properly, adding them into the campaign is simple and involves only drag and drop. When you have uploaded the ads into the account click on ‘Save Ads’ to complete the campaign setup procedure.

Wrap Up

This is all. Once you are done with your remarketing list, remarketing campaign as well as the uploading of your ads, your campaign is all set to serve ads. However, when you are adding image ads, please know that Google usually puts those through a review process. During the review period, your ads will not be eligible for display. The review process is majorly 24 hours long.

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