Link Your Brand’s Google+ Page Using Google Publisher App

You must have heard about Google+ and its business page. Now, with Google Publisher App, you can easily link your company’s Google+ page to your KartRocket store which will be visible on the search engines as well.

How Will Google Publisher App Work?

1) First, you need Google+ business page for your brand. To create the same, you can go to and create your page using Gmail ID.

2) After this, you need to login to your KartRocket store. Go to Apps and search for Google Publisher. Click on Install.

Google Publisher

3) Click on Settings. Make sure that it is On.

Google Publisher 1

4) The following screen will appear. Now, all you need is to enter your store’s Google+ URL. Make sure you just copy the name and not the whole URL. Change the status to On.

Google Publisher 2

6) Click on Save. You will get a success notification.

Google Publisher 3

What will be The Output?

You can recheck it on your store’s source code. It will appear in the following format.

<a href=”[profile_url]?rel=author”>[author name]</a>

Now, whenever anybody searches for your online store on Google, your Google+ page will come along like as follows.

Google Publisher 5
On clicking on the post, you will be directed to your brand’s Google+ page where your visitor can connect, like or share your post and images. Thus, increasing engagement.

Why You Need To Link Your Google+ Page?

Because Google Loves Itself
Since Google would love to promote its own products, there are huge chances that your brand’s Google+ page will easily appear on search engines.

Because You Get Discovered Locally
Google+ page helps your store in local results. Having a Google+ page is an added advantage which helps you become more visible on Google for people nearby your area.

Because It Helps In SEO
If you use proper tags and keywords in your Google+ page, it will be more visible on Google and people can find you easily.


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