Let Your Customer Easily Locate Your Store With SEO Microtags

To increase your online store and the brand’s visibility on the popular search engines, you need to be Local SEO ready. With KartRocket’s newly introduced SEO MICROTAGS, you can easily get your store and products listed on these search engines using the best Local SEO practice.

Before you understand what our SEO microtags will do, firstly let me brief you out with Local SEO.

What is Local SEO?

If you want to score more & more sales, it is important that your store is shown everywhere, even in Google Maps. Local SEO does that.

With Local SEO, you get your online business appear on search engines so that your target customer can locate you or get your contact information or your physical address easily. If your website is Local search engine optimized, your customer can easily find you. For example, if somebody searches for the “best boutiques in Saket,” Google will get the list of boutiques nearby along with their address and contact information like as follows. (click on image to enlarge)

SEO Microtags

How KartRocket SEO Microtags Makes My Online Store Local SEO Ready?

Getting your physical store listed on Google Maps along with your online store is a difficult task. However, with KartRocket’s new feature, you don’t need to take any extra efforts to make your online store ready for local SEO. Because, we have already done that for you.
How? We have already implemented a Local SEO microtags in your ecommerce website which will help your store details get displayed on the search engines. To get this done, all you need is provide your store’s name, address and phone number. Here’s how the microtags looks like this in your store’s source code. (click on image to enlarge)

KartRocket SEO Microtags


SEO Microtags For Products

Like your store, you can get SEO micro tags for your product so that they are displayed on the search engines. For this, you need to provide the product’s name, image, price and availability. The source code for your product microtags look as follows. (click on image to enlarge)
SEO microtags for product


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