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With the ever-increasing competition within e-commerce industry, it has become important to distinguish your e-commerce business from others. Wondering how to do it? One of the best ways to let your business stand out among others is through branding. Logo is the first step towards creating a brand for your business. It is that visual element that will create your own identity, symbolizing your products and services. Hence, logo design becomes an essential work for your business marketing.

What Is A Logo?

A logo can be a symbol, sign or emblem that is associated with your products or services, ideas, beginnings or nature of the business.

Designing a logo for your e-commerce website involves a lot of experimentation with colors, fonts and shapes. Every minute detail like space between the letters and harmony of elements, etc. must be checked in order to come up with a brand image that accurately and concisely represents your e-commerce business.

How To Design A Logo For E-commerce Website?

Brainstorm with Your Team
Although, many famous logos today had sprouted from the creative minds of logo designer, still brainstorming with founders, logo designer and other senior employees is urged. Since, the logo is going to represent your e-commerce website; therefore, it must be designed carefully.

Before you start designing, sit down with your team and list down the suggestions. A graphic designer should also be present because he/she can provide better visualization of logo. His/her knowledge about visual arts can help you suggest the right shapes, fonts and colors. Also, a marketing expert can tell you about the latest trends emerging in the e-commerce business.

Provide Enough Room for Changes
Flexibility is a feature that is essential for an ideal logo design. It should be able to embrace alterations that might be necessary as your business expands. The logo design must be simple but holds every essential message that you want to convey to your target audience. But it should not be too simple that does not appeal to your audience.

Choose Relevant Colors
It is not necessary for a logo to be colorful. Actually, one or two colors can already make it more distinguishable. You must understand the ‘color psychology’ because colors send messages to the brain on the subconscious level. For example, banks, real estate and insurance companies use blue because it represents tranquility and trust; while food companies use red and yellow because these colors stimulate appetite.

Think Of Emblematic Typography
Typography is another vital element in logo design. You may use an existing typeface or create your own. Whatever option you choose, make sure that it is simple and readable. Avoid typefaces that will go out of date because your logo will become your identity for life. Make sure that you don’t use a typography that makes your logo look timeworn and irrelevant. For example, if you are selling men’s wear, do not use girly typefaces because it contradicts with the masculine nature that signifies your business.

Be Inventive and Simple
The logo for your e-commerce site must stand out from others. Hence, it should be not merely a combination of typical shapes. Without a distinctive logo, your business will remain unrecognized, despite its excellent quality. You may use typical shapes and just tweak them a little. Add some typefaces or colors and you would come up with a logo design that the world has never seen before. However, keep the logo simple. It should not be too complicated or crowded to the point that it would confuse people on what you are really trying to say.

How To Make Professional Logo Design?

Designing a logo for an e-commerce website is something that should be taken seriously. As mentioned earlier, it is going to represent your business’ identity. A bad logo design is going to make people hesitate to do business with you. Therefore, use a logo that expresses professionalism and quality.

If you are among those entrepreneurs who don’t have vast knowledge about logo design, then hiring a professional logo designer will be a brilliant idea. There are various websites that offer logo design services as low as Rs. 500. Click here to know more these services. Look out for better platforms for logo design that not only represents your business goals, but also reflect the true identity of your e-commerce website.


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