9 Tips To Make Your eCommerce Website User-Friendly

Yeah. I get it. You started your online store with some fervour, and it is giving you just the results you quite expected from it. But what if I tell you that there are still ways you could get more from your site that what you are getting right now? wait. Okay that sounded like straight out of a teleshopping advertisement or something. But no I am not giving you any locket or yantra so that you have a better flourishing online business. Nope. I am going to appeal to your logical brain here and make you see some key focus points that will help you earn more as a shopping adda online. If you really want to have better and more successful website traffic; then you will have to work. Just being there is not going to get you anywhere. At all. So however annoying it might seem, you have to sit down and work your head off on getting your site done perfectly right. Well time to recognize them and getting started on working on them!

  1. CREATE CATEGORIES & SUB-CATEGORIES: Just because a product doesn’t look big enough or costly enough; does not mean it has a lower value. People might still be interested in buying it at one point. So don’t underestimate a product like that. Every product should be given its own page and not just accommodated by another bigger product. It doesn’t help to see users going crazy because they cannot figure out where their product is listed.Add sub categories
  2. GIVE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Not only should the product get a full on footage with a different page etc. But the content featuring around each product you sell should be clear and informative. The manufacturer’s description is not the only thing your product description should revolve around. If you want people to buy, make it look buying worthy too.
  3. ADD REVIEW COLUMN: Now when I say content, product information is not the only reliable and readable stuff on your website. People will prefer to read and assess your site with the user reviews on your page. They are genuine and it makes more sense to review them. So make sure you do the user reviews properly or atleast help user do them properly. Whatever! You get the point, right?Zappos.com
  4. REWARD FOR REVIEWS: The thing is you have to channelize user reviews to your page. People are lazy (isn’t that why they are shopping online?) and you have to give them some special reason why they should leave a review at all. Remind them to leave a review after a couple of weeks after their purchase. Give an incentive to your customers to leave reviews of products on your website with a giveaway e.g. Win a gift voucher for the best review this month.
  5. EASY CHECKOUT: When the navigation makes users feel like shouting their head off, your site is definitely a disgrace to the world of e-commerce. Okay don’t get so sentimental, just try to understand that your shipping cart system should be easy to use. Like seriously easy to use. There shouldn’t be too many clicks between the buying and the idea to want to buy. Just keep it surprisingly simple and people will flock on without any problem.

    Easy Check out

  6. GIVE WEBSITE TOUR: What is better than offering to be the sales manager in your online store? No, you are not expected to be online like at a call centre or anything. Just produce product tour or product review videos that showcase your products for the world to choose from. These allow people to really see the product which is by far the best way to attract customers.
  7. REDUCE LOADING TIME: Make sure your website is fast. Patience is in anti-abundance and the sooner you understand that, the merrier life will be. Too many gifs with improper planning of the right size etc, will slow your loading speed. And fact is for every second it takes your page to load – you lose an impatient customer. Don’t let it exceed 5 seconds. Beyond that everything is more and just killing for your business. Work on this feature with tools like Google Analytics. More on that in other blogs. Jeez, you are following me right.

    Reduce load time

  8. ANALYSE YOUR WEBSITE TRAFFIC: Monitor what people are searching for on your website. Since they are what makes you run properly it’s best to just work on this very important feature. You might find demand for particular products you should have or you may find that people are looking for a Xerox machine while your search engine gives them a Photostat machine! So keep active and give your users the best of all help you can give them!
  9. ADD A BLOG: It is really a suggestion but it will be good to have a blog where you can talk about your site with all the passion you feel towards your work! It’s like another page where you can flaunt yourself and speak to the world about who you are, what you do etc etc. you may even write about your upcoming product range, discounts and offers and exciting new products.Blog - KartRocket
Saahil Goel

CEO and Co-Founder, KartRocket.com

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