How To Make Your Facebook Cover Picture Rock Solid?

Facebook Cover image

The most embarrassing situation today is not when you trip and fall, but when someone puts a random click where you are frowning or something, and posts it on Facebook. Or maybe twitter. Or Pinterest. Or Instagram. Nah! A little panic but not scale 10 Panic Mode. That overwhelming panic level is reserved only when Facebook is involved. And why shouldn’t it be? Facebook is where the world is today. And if you want the world to know you, well you know where to be!

But just creating your business page (now known as Facebook Timeline) with a lot of textual information that praises and promotes your store is definitely what defines ‘thinking inside the box’. And that is definitely not what you should do. EVER! So let’s think about how to get our page worth it?

A picture speaks a thousand words. But the right picture speaks more than that. In our ever-increasing visual world, images have become the new person. With rising Facebook ‘fandom’, it is only sane to see the rise of importance of the images on your Facebook page. And the profile image was never of real importance to business pages which is typically used for logos business pages. There is something way more important than that. It is the Facebook Cover Picture. It is the biggest (literally) thing on your Facebook page. Still, many companies do not understand the impact that it can have on your business. Due to this, they miss out many potential customers.

Why You Need An Attractive Facebook Cover Picture?

Many companies wonder why to spend so much time on just getting a cove picture? The answer is simple. To mark the first impression! When you scroll over any page, Facebook gives a better look by expanding your one line name to a brief display of your profile image, Facebook cover picture and a little option of following you. Now even though the profile image is like a little enlarged smudge on the screen, but what really comes to notice is the Facebook cover picture which is really big and visible to the user. You really want to impress your viewer, who is filled with curiosity and is just about to glimpse your business page. Unless he sees something worth looking, you will lose a valuable customer just like that. As it is said that first impression could be your last impression.

Don’t let your customers back off just because they don’t like what they see. Facebook says cover images should be at least 399 pixels wide. But ideally the Facebook Cover Picture should be 851 X 351 pixels. If you don’t want users squinting at your page to clearly view it, get the pixels right. It’s a big image and you really want to get it right! Add a little colour and make it look bright. But then don’t overdo the colour because that would give the appearance that you are very desperate to get attention. Keep it simple yet sassy.

Keep Facebook Guidelines handy!

Facebook does not allow you to advertise your business, product, service or even you, for free. They have their own paid Facebook Ads. But, if still you want to break rules and go promote your business through fan pages, then Facebook do have strict rules imposed on you. It is recommended not to put too much text on your Facebook cover picture. Have crisp taglines that represent your business nature. Also, you can include any promotional offers or important announcements or call to action to inform visitors. Make sure that you put all the important text or image centrally or right aligned. Wondering why? Because you don’t want to hide text or any image behind your profile picture.

Bear all this in mind and act accordingly. It is one thing to get smart and creative but a totally different and not-happening thing to break rules and come up with something that is not by the books. This will certainly have a huge impact on a lot of pages.

Tell Your Story Through Facebook Cover Picture

Facebook cover Picture is your chance to tell the world what your business is all about and it doesn’t mean what you are selling. For example, most of the Coca Cola’s Facebook cover picture shows pictures of quotes signifying the need and importance of sharing.

Like it has been emphasized its importance in the beginning of the article, you need to create your brand soul in just one picture. It is where you can win or lose potential customers. Why else would you even bother looking up this blog at all, because cover picture optimization is imperative in the fast paced world of advertising?

The style could vary from being simple to cartoonish to formal; all depending on what you think would represent your company best. Think it over.

Get Creative!

This is when you are planning to change your Facebook cover picture and you have nothing out-of-the-blue sales option. Just to grab some attention and give your followers a reason to remember you (and your site and to shop at it too). There is one neat trick. Get creative and sync your profile picture with your Facebook cover picture. But, then it is a trick and needs to be pulled very efficiently or it leaves sourness in the air for the users.

Before the sync the two images, make sure that you get the resolution, size and lighting same for both the pictures. The effect needed is “Hmm. That is kind of nicely done. I should check out any further in their site” and the ‘Like’ button is hit. But, if the pictures differ and do not match up, it is assured that the effect will be quite contrary to what you might have imagined. Now, before you get any new ideas for your cover photo optimization, one last word on this topic to always remember is “Photoshop”. Use it well and get creative with your work. All the best!


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