10 Tips to Market Your Online Store on LinkedIn


Everybody knows about LinkedIn today. It is the most popular social network for people seeking business. Do you know now it is possible to do e-commerce marketing through LinkedIn? But LinkedIn is entirely different from other social networking sites like facebook and twitter. The mood at LinkedIn is more professional. It is about partenerships, knowledge, transactions and networking. It’s not about sharing your daily pictures or hillarious memes and youtube videos. E-commerce stores can use LinkedIn for a variety of purposes like gaining information, networking with parteners and employees, marketing your product etc.

Here are ten helpful tips that will help you get the most out of LinkedIn as an e-commerce store owner:

1. Create your company’s page

Statistics reveal that, there are more than 150 million people and 2 million businesses having strong presence on LinkedIn. Having a page on LinkedIn is must for every e-commerce businessman to market their business. Creating a LinkedIn company page is free of cost. It only requires your time and attention to fill some information of your company. In your company’s page, you can put the type of business, your logo, number of employees, links of your blog, links of your website, pictures, videos, etc.

2. Post blog articles, status and offers directly

LinkedIn recently added status update as a new feature to company pages, making them a great channel to promote your content. Regularly post your status updates and blog articles directly to your company’s page. Link your different blog posts and landing pages to give your followers a variety of content to see.

3. Create followers

Just like Twitter and Facebook, create attractive and interesting page that catches attention of people and other business owners. Ensure that they “follow” you for getting instant updates of your company. There are many followers, who would like to receive updates for new blog posts, career opportunities and new products/services. Be active on your page. Join some groups, send messages, comment on posts, etc. Remember, whether your company is following a page or other are following your company’s page doesn’t harm to your business. It helps to build strong following and ultimately better business.

4. Encourage discussion

Taking advantage of the viral effect of commenting and liking is a great way to get even more content distribution. Introduce the content you post with a question or comment to spark discussion amongst followers. Be a part of the discussions yourself, don’t let the spark die. The more you post, the more often are people likely to see your page and participate in your discussions. Give the people what they like, involve them. Check the calendars of local network meetings, Meetup groups, and business events; attend the ones that offer social media programs to learn and become more social media savvy.

5. Use LinkedIn Ads to generate company page followers.

There’s no harm in using some cash(ofcourse if you have some) to promote your efforts and give yourself a jump-start. Create an ad to encourage folks in your industry or within a specific LinkedIn group to follow your company on LinkedIn. Just monitor your growth closely so you can report on the cost-per-follow and justify the expense. But be wise when you do so, don’t waste your money.

6. Promote your company page

You’re already promoting your blog, Twitter profile, and your presence on other networks like facebook on your website. Make sure you’re promoting your LinkedIn company page as well. Also, tell your Twitter followers and Facebook fans that they can also follow you on LinkedIn. Check the calendars of local network meetings, meet-up groups and business events. Attend the ones that offer social media programs to learn and become more social media savvy.

7. Answer questions in the “Answers” section of  LinkedIn

This underutilized tactic is an oldie but a goodie. Make sure you’re scanning the questions on LinkedIn weekly, answering them whenever necessary  appropriately, and including a link to content on your blog or website. This might be helpful to the person who asked the question.

8. Use LinkedIn ads to promote your best offers

Have you already had great success with a certain landing page or offer? Spice it up by promoting it using LinkedIn ads. There’s even a new LinkedIn leads tool to help you follow up directly with the leads you generated through your LinkedIn ad. Give it a roll!

9. Send LinkedIn group announcements

Investing the time to manage a LinkedIn Group gives you the opportunity to periodically send announcements to the members of those groups, just like emails. Sending interesting content like a blog post digest or a specific offer is a great way to get a boost in leads in one swing! Just make sure you’re sending valuable content, and be sensitive about the frequency of your sends to avoid seeming spammy.

10. Grow

Gradually, grow a strong, dynamic social media presence to expand your business network, and cast a wide net to reach more potential followers / customers. Grow your network and build your brand by creating conversations that span several social media sites.Target the right audience with something of value to increase engagement, business interactions, and more opportunities for your e-commerce sales.

Market your Online Store on LinkedIn


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