Meet. India’s Most Promising Startups [The 2013 NextBigWhat List of 100+ Indian Startups]!

December 24, 2013

2013. What a year for Indian Startup Ecosystem!

Apart from a great show of energy and execution, Indian Startups surely have come of age. 2013 was the year when the world took notice of the entrepreneurial force India is becoming.

Promising Indian Startups 2013

First, how did we arrive at this list? Well, we track more than 2,400 startups and while we will also share the list of the ones who have ‘arrived’, this list of promising/growing startups is a mix of several parameters.

1. Execution : That is, beyond the business plan, VC attention and media interest – how is the actual business shaping up? What is the NEXTBIGWHAT for the company?

2. Ability to tweak. Fast.
Most of the companies in this list have tweaked their model atleast once (call it a pivot or a simple case of better understanding of the market). That is, they have been through the hype curve and the reality has hit them quite well. And the founders have come out strong!

3. They are UnCool and UnSexy
Actually, if you look at the problem statement they are solving – it’s mostly uncool and unsexy! And that’s why we heart them!

In no particular order, here goes the list.






KartRocket, by Delhi based BigFoot Retail Solutions, is a DIY platform which can be used by sellers to start an online store. The platform comes bundled with international payment options, cash on delivery and a shipping platform. It comes with over 100 apps that help sellers integrate with various platforms. Earlier in July this year, BigFoot Retail Solutions raised seed funding from 5ideas Startup Superfueland 500 Startups.






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