Mobile Optimized eCommerce Site: Latest Trend of 2014

Mobile Optimized eCommerce Site

Mobile phones are everywhere these days. Wherever you go, there are people calling and -texting-uploading a picture- reading news online- finding a great place to dine in using the web. Mobile phones have truly infused into our daily lives. In the recent years, these devices have become the accessory of necessity. According to certain a study, an average mobile phone owner is with his or her device 93% of the day. The fact that these devices are quite inseparable from their owners opens an opportunity for merchants to market their products and services. They can use these devices to connect with potential customers better and update them about the latest collection and deals.

Numerous consumers today are tech savvy. Prior to buying anything, they conduct a research using their mobile phones. They are able to find various businesses using popular search engines while doing something else like riding a train, drinking a cup of coffee, waiting at the airport or shopping. With a handheld device, they can reach businesses in and outside of their locality. A research conducted by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and published in Times of India indicates that the number of users accessing the web on their mobile handsets in India will reach 155 million by March this year. This number may reach 185 million by June 2014.

Mobile Optimized eCommerce Site

This scenario denotes that every business owner must have his or her business mobile-optimized. If you own a business that does not have a website or has a website but is not mobile optimized, it is time to change tactics and join the digital world.

A website that is not mobile optimized might lose thousands of potential customers. If you have a site already, make it viewable on mobile devices. Do not disregard this task for there are many consumers out there with hectic schedules and can only shop online using their devices. Another option is to build a two websites, one for desktop and one for mobile devices. The number of consumers who will be shopping online using mobile devices is going to grow significantly in the next few years. As a business owner who does not want to let a sale pass, you must adjust accordingly.

“Why should your website be mobile optimized?” is a question that must be clearly answered. In the recent years, the number of mobile users is growing rapidly. People are using mobile devices for not only calling, texting or emailing but also to be aware of the latest happenings, conduct financial transactions and buy things online. With the enormous mobile traffic, having a mobile-friendly site is necessary for online merchants. Search engines also regard the traffic on mobile devices.

Many mobile users are doing geo-targeted searches. Hence, you must make certain your business website shows up in these kinds of searches. Work on bringing the website on top of local searches. Do not forget about the consumers within your locality because they might be ones who could push you to the top. Another important thing that you must do is to create contents that are suitable for mobile devices. Display the contact information and address prominently because mobile users need these the most.

Mobile Optimized eCommerce Site

A study has revealed that there is a huge percentage that consumers will leave a site if it does not load correctly on their devices. Understand that, consumers who use mobile phones to shop do so because they are on haste. Hence, a website that is not mobile-friendly will not be patronized by consumers. If you want to make the most out of the company website, do not disregard the potential sales that mobile traffic has to offer. Internet is getting more and more accessible so you can be confident that investing on a mobile-friendly site is going to be sensible.

Those who anticipated the upsurge of mobile users and invested on building mobile-friendly sites are collecting the rewards of being courageous and imaginative. However, it is not too late for your own website. Do not waste more time and stop being skeptic about why should your website be mobile optimized. Mobile-optimized websites cultivate better rapport with consumers. Actually, many businesses have claimed that after developing mobile-friendly websites, visitors stayed longer on their sites and sales increased significantly. The numbers of consumers who return to their sites have surged after modifying their sites for mobile browsers. If you are operating an online-only store, it is imperative to make to endow on the mobile optimization of your site. Another advantage of incorporating mobile browsing to your site is that consumers can utilize QR codes. These kinds of codes are helpful in persuading offline consumers to getting online where they will experience better interactivity.

Building another website for mobile browsing or redesigning the current website will come with a certain amount. Doing this will require the skills of a professional computer programmer. You must employ one and pay for his or her experts. The cost might discourage you but think about the benefits. In case, you are yet to start your eCommerce site, you should always choose design templates, which are compatible with mobile. There are several companies (out of which one is Kartrocket), who provides eCommerce website, which are mobile optimized.

Do not let mobile users down because they can contribute a lot to the success of your online business. If your business operates through an eCommerce site only, put forth hard work on making it mobile optimized because if not, you will lose half of the battle.

Mobile eCommerce Website

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