The Mobile Marketing Trends That Every Marketer Should Know!


In order to keep up to the pace of the fast changing industry strategics you should keep in mind certain trends that are rocking the business world.  It is important to shape your campaigns with prime focus on the things which we list for you in this blog.

Your clients are using mobile day in and out-

According to a studies conducted by Facebook, Google, Forester research, apparently cell phones and mobile gadgets are never kept aside for a substantial amount of time. In fact they are checked 2000 time a day per user messages, email, research and information. They are used extensively for not across social media platforms but also email platforms, search engines as well as internet browser (Source: In fact no other device is used to such an extent. And studies have also shown the addiction towards this incessant use of cellphone is higher in younger people rather than the old generation. So if you have a product that caters to a young demographic you might as well dedicate more attention towards social media campaigns rather than traditional methods.

Mobile users prefer mobile version of websites and applications-

In this fast moving world no one has the time to switch on their desktops and surf through the sites and scavenge for applications. People want mobile versions of websites and applications so that they can surf anywhere and everywhere just like their cellphone accessibility. People nowadays do not have that kind of patience to check and refresh websites that that time to open. They would maximum wait for a few seconds for it to open and automatically look for faster loading options that are available in the internet. So make sure your mobile version of apps and website is prompt and quick to load as well.

Provisions for monetary transactions through phone-

With the nation undergoing the change called the demonetization, more people are opting for digital wallet. This preference to carry plastic money over hard cash is directly showing its effects on business and commerce. Since eCommerce gives them the time and energy saving advantage. It is also making transactions more digital. A huge number of people also insist on buying online as it helps them the added benefit on making transaction via phone and mobile gadgets. Hence they incline towards financial transactions that can be undergone via phone.

More emails are handled via phone-

With people running short of time in spite of working around the clock, handling emails which is basic requirement for all kinds of business is done via phone as well. You can’t wait for an hour to reach your office and switch on your desktop respond to your client’s mail, you have to be prompt and hence mails are no longer accessed from the workplace only. While travelling, before a meeting, non-work hours; these are the times when mails are being accessed. And what better way than mobile phones for that anywhere and everywhere advantage.
Mobile searches are outnumbering desktop searches-

Well, why not. Obviously, if you can handle your client’s mail while grabbing a bite during lunch then why would you want to switch on the computer to search for your favorite pink saree or the browse through the goodies sale? And with voice prompted searches like Siri on iOS why would you even want to turn on your desktop for like ever?!

mCommerce slowly replacing eCommerce-

Shopping sales, planning trips and vacations, sending flowers on your mom’s birthday, even getting booze delivered to your place. The whole world is getting digital. And with a million apps and websites that do such amazing everyday jobs for us people are slowly moving towards eCommerce rather than relying on mCommerce.

Wearables and loT to integrate with mobile-

With the change marketers can have the advantage to determine a way to transform customer experiences on mobile. And help find more information. This is also help them maximize their client base and increase potential opportunities to broadcast in front of more people.

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