KartRocket Introduces Multi Channel Selling With SellRocket


The ultimate aim for any online entrepreneur is to sell more and gain maximum. We understand this and that’s why we keep on coming with more features so that more sales and profit keep coming into your kitty. To take a step ahead in this, we have launched SellRocket, an amazing feature which will let you sell on various marketplaces and affiliate channels from a single platform.

Now, you can sell on your physical store, ecommerce website as well as on marketplaces, affiliates and manage them on a single platform. With SellRocket, you can sync your products in just a click and list them on multiple channels like Shopclues and Junglee.

Where Can I Sell My Products Using SellRocket?

Initially, SellRocket is available for Shopclues and Junglee. However, more Marketplaces like PayTm, eBay, Amazon, Snapdeal & Flipkart are coming soon.

How Will SellRocket Exactly Work?

SellRocket will list your products to Shopclues and push feeds to Junglee in just a click. All you need is to map your product category with our master category list, attributes to our master attribute list and the products will get automatically synced.

Why I Should Go For SellRocket and Not Sell Directly On Marketplaces?

Save Time
Selling on multiple channels means more time in creating separate product catalogues for every marketplace and managing these channels. With SellRocket, you just need to manage products on KartRocket admin panel and the rest will be taken care by us.

Single Click Listing
All you need is to map your product category and attributes once and the products will be synced on all present and upcoming marketplaces for life.

Minimum Efforts
Decrease your marketing efforts by selling on multiple channels. Automatically increase sales by selling o marketplaces and enhance brand visibility by pushing products feeds on Junglee. All this will be done involving minimum efforts.

How To Get Started?

Before, you start listing your products on these marketplaces and feeds, you need to map your store’s category and attributes with a master category list, which our experts have prepared. This category mapping has to be done just once and products’ category will be mapped for all marketplaces and feeds available in present as well as in the future.

Category & Attributes Mapping

1) Login to Your KartRocket Store. Click on SellRocket, listed on the left menu of your KartRocket admin panel.


2) Now, click on Category Mapping. The following screen will appear. Here, you will get a complete list of categories available in your online store.

SellRocket 1

4) Scroll down to the category you wish to map. You can either choose from the list or simply type the category and it will automatically find it.

5) Please note that in case the exact category is not available in our master list, then choose the category which suits you.

6) Click on Next. The following screen will appear. Here, you need to map the attributes. Choose one from the list.

SellRocket 3

7) Click on Next. Your Product category and attributes has been mapped successfully.

Listing Products On Shopclues

One of the most popular Indian marketplaces, Shopclues has over 42 million visitors, 12000 registered merchants and more than 2 lakh products on the platform. With KartRocket, you can easily list your products on Shopclues and start selling. Here’s how to do this.

Once you are done with category and attribute mapping, you can easily start listing your products on Shopclues. To do this, follow these steps:

1) Before you get started, you need to register yourself with Shopclues with the same email ID with which you have registered your Kartrocket store.
2) To do this, go to storemanager.shopclues.com. The following screen will appear.

SellRocket 4
3) Fill all the necessary details asked and click on Submit.
4) Once, you are done, the following screen will appear.

SellRocket 5

5) Now, login to your Shopclues merchant account and click on ‘Settings’ and then on ‘Seller Information’.

SellRocket 6
6) Fill the seller information and then your bank details.
7) Go To Service Fee Agreement and choose the apt category, which suits the nature of your online business. You can choose multiple categories. Read this agreement carefully and click on “Save & Go To Next Step.”

SellRocket 7

8) The following screen will appear. Click on “Save & Close.”

SellRocket 8
9) Now, go back to your KartRocket admin panel, click on SellRocket and then go to Marketplaces.

10) The following screen will appear. Click on “Now” in Configure and Authenticate.

SellRocket 9

11) The following screen will appear. The client ID and Client Secret Key will be auto filled. All you need to do is fill the username and password. Click on Save.

SellRocket 10
12) After you are done with marketplace configuration, again click on SellRocket from the left menu. Click on ‘Now’ in List Products.

SellRocket 9


Congratulations! Your Products have been listed on Shopclues. To view them, go to your Shopclues merchant account, then click on Catalog on the top menu. Go to Manage Existing Product> All Products.

SellRocket 11

Your Products will be shown on your Shopclues store manager as following:

sellrocket 15


Pushing Product Feeds on Junglee

An online shopping service by Amazon, Junglee enables customers to find and discover products from Indian retailers. Here, customers can browse through millions of products, choose them and then be directed to the seller who is selling that particular product.
To push your products feeds on Junglee, all you need to do is follow these steps:
1) Go To www.junglee.com. Click on Sign up. Enter your details to sign up.

SellRocket 12
2) Now, login to KartRocket admin panel and click on Feeds. The following screen will appear. Click on Now.SellRocket 13

3) You will get the Product Feed URL. Just copy this URL or send a screenshot to your Junglee Account Manager.

SellRocket 14


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