Must Haves for Your Ecommerce Website’s Homepage

Ecommerce Website’s Homepage

Running a profitable E-Commerce store involves a lot of hard work from strategizing the business goals to sales and delivery of the purchase order. The initial step is to create an engaging website that would put your store on the frontline of publicity. And for that, the E-Commerce website home page design and layout plays a pivotal role, it is the first impression that a company/brand gets to make.

The eCommerce website homepage designs and layouts can really help your online store to flourish. Here are a few tips to make your homepage irresistible for your customer.

Influential Factors of an Ecommerce website Homepage That Can Compel Your Prospective Buyers

There are no surefire and guaranteed guidelines of designs or features of the E-Commerce website home page that can ensure your web store would be hit among the online shoppers. However, there are certain desirable factors when creating an online store. We must address the necessity or goal behind the web designing before creating a plan.


The Logo is the mascot and the face of the product and the company who produced it. A successful brand imparts confidence and logo is the representative of that. So, a logo on the eCommerce website home page will generate the same confidence and induce the buyers to purchase.

Highlight the Benefits of Products Range

A large section of customers actually end-up purchasing useless products, since the eCommerce website home page was not informative enough. In an effort to increase sales, merchants must list their products in a proper manner for easy identification and location of products, such as, displaying item under specific categories or on a grid. To boost the desire to buy with conviction, vendors can augment their merchandise with Special Offers & Discounts, or announcement of Fresh Stocks, and Freebies, perhaps.

Offers like Discount, Freebies, Free Services Attracts Buyers

Purchasers surf from one well-decorated eCommerce website home page to another, but are most attracted to sales, discounts, and freebie. So, merchants should economically price their items and add these lucrative offers to boost sales. Highlight the latest deals and products on the eCommerce website home page to get the maximum attention and that will result in sales.

Lucrative Banners on Latest News, Popular Products, and Sales

Creating striking banners on sales, new arrivals, or free shipping on the eCommerce website home page declares that you are now a global merchant instead of catering to the local markets. When there is news, a sales period or upcoming events that buyers should know about the product, the home page is the best place to house them.

Keep Brands Upfront

If you have recognized merchandise goods on sale, then show them upfront. It is a huge gimmick, especially with the first-time guests, who don’t know what exactly they are looking for or are not familiar with you brand as such.

Shopping Cart, Login Box, and Search Box

The shopping cart, login box and search box features are usually placed together on the eCommerce website home page. If you contract with a large online store that has a broad variety of goods, then the search box is a must-have. This will also establish popularity with the customers who demand exactly manufactured goods that they just require to locate from your online store to create their order.


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