This Is Why Your Store Needs Ecommerce Blogs Right Now!

ecommerce blogs

“Content is the King.” You must have come across this phrase numerous times. However, it is very unfortunate that few are able to understand the importance of this phrase. This is why, there are very less number of ecommerce entrepreneurs who writes ecommerce blogs and makes it a part of their online store. And the biggest reason is that entrepreneurs don’t have ample time to write blogs because of their commitments with their business and sales.

It is true that ecommerce business strategy and management take most of your time and you are not left with any time to start writing blogs. However, there are various reports that states that 80% of your website traffic is driven through blogs. Now, these stats are sure enough for you to start writing a blog. Still not convinced? So, here are some of the reasons why you should start writing ecommerce blogs right now!

Ecommerce Blogs Increase Your Website Traffic

The science behind how blogs help your store to drive traffic is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. If you want your online store to rank higher on popular search engines, especially Google, then you need to impress them. And there is no better way than writing high quality and unique content. Blogs are the best way to provide unique content every day. Since, Google loves high quality content and will surely help your store rank better and thereby, increase visibility.

Blogs Ignite the Fire of Buying Your Products

Other than increasing your store visibility, blogs also help to drive more and more traffic to your site. How? Let’s explain this with an example. If you are running an online store which sells beauty care products, you can write a blog giving a beauty care regime for skin in winters. In this blog, you can give suggestion (and links) of the products which is great for skin and is available in your store. There are chances that visitors, who just came to look for some information, might end up buying your product due to its various benefits listed in the blog.

Blogs Increase Your Store’s Credibility

If you are looking forward to enhance your brand name, other than sales, then ecommerce blogs are a great way to do this. Since, you will be writing informative blog, which addresses a common problem faced by a number of your target audience, more and more readers will look up to your blog and start reading it often.

Blogs Get You Popular On Social Media

If you want to engage your customer with social media, then blogs are a great way to do that. Share your blogs on various social media platforms and it will keep your store’s social media page active, interesting. Interesting blogs will attract more followers or fans. Other than the educational blog, you can go ahead with infographics and video to keep reader’s interest intact.

If your primary aim is to drive traffic and increase sales, then why not use the power of your keyboard and do this for free. All you need is to come up with interesting blog ideas, which bind the interest of your readers. Even, if you are unable to do this regularly, but ecommerce blogs is always a great marketing tactic to keep your online business running for a long time.


Saahil Goel

Founder & CEO at Shiprocket

Saahil Goel is Co-Founder and CEO of Shiprocket, a data-driven logistics aggregation platform that drives efficiency in India’s eCommerce logistics by connecting online retailers with logistics prov ... Read more


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