Automated Facebook Posts – A New Step towards Marketing of Your Brand Name

Facebook is one of the hottest social media platform and it is an effective way to reach new leads and build customer engagement with the brand. But, it works when you understand how to navigate through the noise. Standing out with content can be critical, and testing what works for you makes users understand your message at a glance. And how about engaging a customer with your brand in real time?

Facebook posts are the information that you share on your product’s Facebook page. You can keep your page updated with trends and real time information of what’s happening on the website. This proves to be the best engaging social medium with which you can increase your organic reach by 56%.

But, how can you share real-time updates with your potential customers? It’s simple you can share this through Automated Facebook Posts.

Now the question arises, why should you take Automated Facebook Posts into consideration?

In this competitive business world, you need to be smart and stay ahead. For this, the term ‘MARKETING’ has to be worked on! The Facebook Posts Automation helps you in the marketing of your brand. Somehow, this strategy lets you keep updated in front of the world by 24/7. It engages your potential customers in the most productive way. The automation tool helps you stay active on your Facebook page.


The fact is – you can’t be online all the time to update website statuses to engage customers. So, you really need to automate some Facebook tasks. But before that, you need to ask yourself why you want to market your product on Facebook?

Do you want to convert your content into sales? Or you want more loyal customer following? Or simply, you want more likes. The goals can be any of these.

But, you cannot achieve your goals by setting and forgetting attitude. You need to be creative and engaging. So, that’s when Facebook Automation comes in!


Some tasks require manual setting by natural humans. But some, can be effectively automated. The automation can be effective when –

  1. You need to decrease the time you spend on Facebook.
  2. To re-share the viral content which people like.
  3. Sharing your recent blog posts.
  4. For running a Facebook contest at multiple times to give an opportunity for participation.
  5. Sharing products, new arrivals and the trending ones.

How about making your work easy with Facebook Automation?


There are certain posts that should NEVER EVER be automated. These posts include –

  1. Posting of blogs from the third party.
  2. The following accounts on Twitter and replies on Twitter.
  3. Cross-posting of single content on all the sites. This one is the worst because you need to understand that content which works on one site may not work on another.


  1. Login to your store admin panel
  2. Navigate to Marketing > Re-engage section


  1. Click on “Auto Facebook Post” tab


  1. Scroll to the end, you will see a status bar there. Simply toggle it to “ON” to activate the feature.


Available templates

Facebook automated dynamic product posts are auto integrated in the store. In order to start using the services you need to enter you authenticated Facebook account details and verify. This is a onetime setup process, but needs to be redone if the Facebook account password changes or session deactivates.

There are default templates that we have scheduled to make things simple but you have the control to change certain settings.

Below are the list of predefined set of Facebook posts:

1. New Arrivals on Sundays

This type of posts keep your existing customers updated with the new products added in your store’s catalog.

2. Trending products on Fridays

Trending products posts helps your customer stay updated with the latest trends and fashion

3. Live feed posts daily at 10 am and 7 pm

Live Feed is a great utility carousel, it is a automated listing which keeps users updated with the products which are currently being viewed or added to cart by other users on website.

The products are fetched real time from your account and are dynamically posted on your Facebook page. However you could configure the content of the post and the time of posting.

Please Note:

Facebook templates can be added and edited only in Enterprise & Platinum Plans.


The Facebook automation is an effective way of engaging the audience with your brand. But it only works when you follow certain “Dos and Don’ts” for automation. Believe it or not, your content should work greater than automation. If your content is boring, automation of posts is of no use. Be creative and then engage the audience.

Puneet Bhalla

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