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Everyone and anyone who has ever used the internet and owns an email account, would be well aware of the concept of newsletters. After all, we get them all the time in our mail, don’t we? Have you ever wondered as to why you receive these newsletters and what they really mean? If you are the owner at an eCommerce platform, you really should get all the information about newsletters and how you can use these powerful tools to bring a positive impact on user traffic to your website.

What is a newsletter?

Consider a newsletter to be a summary about you and your eCommerce platform, which you send to your customers, both existing and prospective ones, in the form of an email, that ends up being called your newsletter. This newsletter ought to be designed in an expert manner as it will contain all the vital information about your company and necessary insights into your website. This newsletter is sent out on a monthly or weekly basis, depending on the size of your operations and the frequency of new updates on your website. A well-designed newsletter catches the attention of your audience instantly and helps them bring to your eCommerce platform.

What is automation of newsletter?

There is no doubt that a newsletter acts in a major way in the scheme of things to bring valuable customers to your website. For this purpose, the concept of automation of a newsletter is introduced. The sole purpose of automating your newsletter is to bring more engagement by your customers by sending them information that is actually useful to them. For this purpose, a number of tools are provided by the KartRocket admin panel in order to automate your newsletters.

What will you find at the KartRocket admin panel to help you with automating your newsletter?

KartRocket makes a decent attempt to drive valuable traffic to your website. For this purpose, it has designed the automatic newsletter option, in order to aid our users in their quest to draw more traffic to their website. What you will find at the KartRocket admin panel are a series of templates that are essential when it comes to automating your newsletter. This also ensures that you will need no up front setup to put the template in place. So, install this feature on your eCommerce website at your convenience, without the need to engage a technical specialist to handle the stuff for you. We have made sure that with a single click, you can activate the option to send automatic newsletters to your customers. So, there are a lot of benefits to be reaped from being at the KartRocket admin panel for your eCommerce platform.

How does the automatic newsletter option work at KartRocket?

Although, you will find plenty of default templates at KartRocket for the purpose, you still have a option to edit certain settings before you make it go live to your customers. We have tried to keep things as simple and smooth for you as we could. That is the one benefit that you will certainly give us credit for.

  • Every new product arrival newsletter will be delivered to your subscriber list on Mondays only. This is the quickest way to make your customers know about new product launches at your website.
  • All trending product newsletters are sent out on Thursdays only. This option lets your users stay updated with products that are making the quick rounds on your website. This way, they can stay in fashion and keep up with your website.

How to integrate the automatic newsletter option with your KartRocket admin panel?

Before you learn about any technical thing on the subject matter, it is pertinent for you to realise that Email templates at KartRocket can only be added with our Enterprise and Platinum plans.

The details of the credit counts are as follows:


 Here’s how you can activate the feature

  • Log in to your KartRocket account and access the marketing tab on the left side.
  • You will be able to see a ‘Re-engage’ tab under the marketing head.
  • Head over to this section and choose ‘automatic newsletter’ from the top tabs.


  • Over here, you will be able to gain access to all the information about our automatic newsletter function.
  • After you have read the settings, choose to toggle the tab on the bottom to ‘on’ and allow KartRocket to manage your newsletters.


  • We charge a nominal amount for every mail after your trial period is over. You can enjoy this feature for free for an initial period of 30 days.


By using the automatic newsletter feature at KartRocket, you will be able to enjoy the benefit of drawing more and more audience to your website. Your sales targets can improve and you can enjoy the patronage of improved profits. These simple yet effective features can drive crucial audience and sales to your website.


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