Nine Maternity Wear – Comfortable and Stylish Merchandise For Pregnant Women

Nine Maternity Wear is a startup by a women and for women. It is solving the problem which most of the expecting women face, compromising between style and size.

Priya Bhave the creative soul behind the brand is one person to watch out for, a mother of two wonderful sons. She is full of enthusiasm and curiosity with an unpretentious and vivacious personality. She shares her journey with us today. She feels Nine has a very deep relation with a woman’s heart, the whole transformation from a woman to mother is magical. That is the reason she choose it to be named as Nine Maternity Wear. It is the combined effort of the creative designers, merchandisers, the production team, and of course the constant support of my family.

How did you come up with the idea of creating your own store?

My Motherhood has been an inspiration behind Nine Maternity Wear. When I was blessed with the first child, there were lot of changes which i could feel in myself, it was a life changing experience. Back then maternity wears were not available other than at international brand shops located at distant places. I was lucky to able to make my clothing within my factory but i could also visualize the problem which most of the women would face. Being from fashion industry it was difficult to compromise on clothes sometimes by choosing just an extra large size of whatever you liked which ill-fitted on other parts of the body. I never stopped thinking on introducing a brand on maternity wear but the question was when. Now the time is right and the market looks very promising for it.

What is so unique about your online store?

Post introducing the brand our clothing should put a proud smile on their face; celebrate their pregnancy as they carry the new bundle of joy within them. Surprisingly our apparel has been picked up by non pregnant women as well which is a great delight for us. Speaking of dreams, In future I would like to see exquisitely designed stores for the mom to be, she should be able to have a comfortable experience in the stores. Obviously I wish the brand to grow much more popular by then. We also have plans to diversify into more product range such as lingerie, shoes and skin care products.

Nine maternity wear products

How was your experience with KartRocket?

My experience with kartRocket was amazing and the journey right from the starting till date has been a life changing experience. KartRocket has worked as the catalyst to upscale my dream project of starting my own venture. The services provided were simply remarkable in all terms from designing a website to making it live and also the support service which they provide are unmatched.

Hope to keep working more with kartRocket and will surely recommend to others as well. I would just want the admin panel to have more easy and built with friendly tools.

Any learning you want to share with fellow entrepreneurs?

Yes i have learnt a lot while starting my own venture as it was a whole new thing for me, I did not have any prior knowledge  of eCommerce and about how to manage a business. Before starting anything new everyone as many apprehensions about it but it should never stop you from becoming an entrepreneur because once you start it anyone who has determination and zeal to reach to the top can do it. So i would simply say one thing at the end if you have dreams then without giving it a try never give up. And then kartRocket is there to make your dream come true so give it a shot.

What were the major challenges did you face while starting up?

The major challenges which i faced while starting up my venture was to make my brand visible among the masses and give it a unique style so that my brand can stand out the crowd and can be become promising for the customers and can make the look of my brand according to what this brand means to in personal terms. Also keeping up the standards of eCommerce .


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