21 Online Businesses to Start with No Money or Bad Credit

Online Business Ideas for Bad Credit

If you have a laptop, you can use it to start your next online business from your home itself. Surprising it may sound but you just need to have a laptop and an internet connection to reach millions of users across the globe and start a lucrative business. So let us have an idea of some of the most profitable home-based online business opportunities that you can look forward to.

Development and Programming

If you are an engineer or web developer who knows programming, the online platform provides a great scope for some businesses.

1. Web Developer: If you know web development, you can start a web development business. As per a survey, there are around 29.6 million small businesses that still don’t have a website.

2. Mobile App Developer: With smartphones and tablets in place, a great business is to create a mobile app. This can reap great benefits as it has a huge customer base.

3. Blog Maintenance Provider: You can turn your blog into a great business venture. You can also maintain the blogs of other users by making them SEO friendly.


For those who have done courses on designing, the internet is a fantastic platform to start a lucrative business.

4. Logo Designer: If you are good in design, you can turn it into a great online business. Most of the online business use logos and so the work of a logo designer will be a great option.

5. Web Designer: Most businesses are on the lookout for websites and so you can start a website designing business.

6. Book Cover Designer: With the Kindle and online version of books in vogue, it is a great option to start a book cover designer business.

7. Mobile App Designer: With newer apps with various themes coming up every day, you can work as a mobile app designer and reap profits.

8. Computer-Aided Designer: This is again a lucrative business option as it helps to work with premier companies and get good profits.

9. WordPress Design: There are 75 million WordPress sites and most of them are self-hosted. To utilize this, you can start a web theme designing business as there are lots of opportunities.

10. Videography: If you are good at videography and camera work, you can start a business of this kind online and get good returns.


Budding writers, students or those who are into content writing can start a business online based on their writing skills.

11. Writer: You can easily start a content writing business as it has great demand. This is a wonderful business option for students who know the craft of writing web content.

12. Editor: If you are in the editing field, you can easily turn it into a business online. There are lots of editing jobs that can be found online.

13. Copywriter: With more than 126 million blogs, you can well imagine how lucrative it will be to produce content for the World Wide Web. Indeed it is a great business that you can opt for.

14. Transcription: Almost 50% of the books that are available on the internet are ghostwritten. The online transcription industry is a booming business on the internet that reaps great revenue.

15. Translation: Turn your translation skills into a lucrative business by turning online. With more than 6500 written languages across the globe, the translation business will always be in high demand.

16. Blogging: If you are good at writing blogs, turn it into a lucrative profession by writing for your clients.

Internet Marketing

If you are a webmaster or a web publisher and are in need of revenue, internet marketing can be an ideal option that you can try for.

17. Search Engine Optimization: It is a huge business worldwide as it deals with the ranking of your website. Businesses put stress on SEO for better promotions and visibility.

18. Search Engine Marketing: Paid search called Search Engine Marketing or SEM is also a good business that provides good money. Examples are PPC (Pay per Click) or CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impression)

19. Social Media Manager: You can use the power of social media to promote your business. You can act as a contractor to promote others’ sites on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus etc.

20. Email Marketing: It is another great business initiative that helps you get good returns. You need to send emails on behalf of your client and based on the processes, you will be getting paid.

21. Affiliate Marketing: If you know strategies like Adwords, you can use them to great effect by methods like affiliate marketing.

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