Best Approach For A Successful Online Coupon Marketing

Online Coupon Marketing

Discounted coupons are one of the most effective tactics that will help your business to attract more and more customers. However, this online coupon marketing strategy is not only limited to traditional flyers and brochures. With the advent of online marketing, the trouble of taking your coupon slip to the store has been replaced by online coupons on our smartphones. The demand of online coupons has been ever-increasing an as a newbie business owner, you can take great advantage of this.

If you want to sell online, then online coupon marketing is the best and the most effective way, opted by many market leaders as well. They are inexpensive, but they get you advertising and loads of market exposure. After all, be it the rich or the not-that-rich, everyone adores special offers of all kinds.

So, you have the coupons and offers all sorted out properly. But people still don’t seem to be using them too much. You can question your offer strategies, printed text, graphics, everything. But what you could essentially be missing is the right amount of publicity. If people don’t know that you are giving away tempting offers, how will they ever participate in them? So, once you’ve created a coupon offer, you need correct distribution strategy. Here is a sneak peek of the top six ways to distribute online coupons and indulge your audience towards your business.

Online Coupon Marketing Through Facebook Fan Pages

Since, the world is on Facebook, creating a fan page of your e-commerce site will give you the correct exposure. Introduce your online store in brief and put up some of your stuff that will attract people. You can also add some humorous element to indulge more visitors. It is advertising for your store in a way that brings forth more fans by enticing them through amazing offers. Such fan pages are basically meant to gather likes and visitors become fans a lot more eagerly when there is an incentive. For example, you can say “Like us to get a 25% discount coupon!”And people will come flooding to like your page. Once visitors press like, they will be directed to the page which contains the coupon code and the link to your order form. It is a rather enjoyable moment for the existing fans too. Nothing brightens the day more than a new notification about a discount coupon! So, the present customers gain a new rejuvenation towards shopping once again. The only thing that is needed to be taken care of is that the promotions you offer are compelling enough to make your followers feel special.

Tweet or Blog to a Known Audience

This is somewhat similar to the previous online coupon marketing strategy. Except you do not have to create a separate page just for your shopping store or you do not have to wait for people to come and fall in love with your selling carts. Instead, you can build on the fans of your blog and your followers on twitter. Right out the blue, you can post something like “Check out this amazing online shopping site.” Or “Terrific discounts of up to 80% off on watches!” This will grab attention of people connected to you and will surely check out your special offers. The increasing number of retweets will build up the virality of the promotion. Such type of processes piques the curiosity of other regular users, they will also start following you for their free coupons.

Send E-Mail to Your Client List

This one is rather obvious and should probably be the first thing that anyone should do. Your existing client list should probably receive direct mails regarding your launched coupons and offers. Isn’t that why you asked them to fill their email Ids when they first registered with your site? Well, anyone who would have the patience to register with you is definitely a really loyal shopper. They are sure to shop with you sooner or later. Tell them about your schemes and offers, and their shopping urge will surface sooner than later. Just ask them to print the coupon or bring the email to your store, or simply “mention” the promotion to receive the discount.

Share and Win More

This is a rather clever way of online coupon marketing by manipulating social circles of existing customers/ followers. Allow people to pass on the deals to other people. Make sharable coupons like “Bring in three friends and get 20% off for everyone.” Don’t forget to include a link to “Share this coupon with a friend” whenever you post any discount voucher. Making your offers sharable is like putting half of your burden of finding more people on your existing customers. So it’s like amoeba, the number of your users grows exponentially and that in itself is an amazing achievement.

Update Your Company Website

You can invite people randomly to avail your coupons by putting them on social media is one thing. But it will be a pity if people, who are visiting your website to shop, are unaware of your vouchers. For proper online coupon marketing, add a big coupon banner on your website that grabs the attention of any potential customer on or about to be on your site. In fact, get creative! Announce some particular “happy hours” on which your offers will be pop-up on your sites. Use the social buttons to make promotions viral and keep them more or less predictable. Play around with some such schemes to see what works best for your customers.

Publicize On Social Shopping Sites

Even with so much publicity and trials, you cannot reach all genres of people. And it would be rather foolish to leave people out of your “Potential Customers’ List” just because they are not on your contact or social circle. You want to keep everyone included, because that is what marketing is all about. Websites like Coupondunia, Cuponation, Freekaamaal, etc. are some sites created especially for the purpose of offering discount coupons to prospective shoppers. You can also sign up with such sites through KartRocket’s admin panel. Choose a specific app and post your vouchers, deals, etc. so that they can be viewed and availed by all.

But all said there are some tried and tested methods that should not be ignored. Like nothing will work better than printed vouchers that users receive with their morning papers. Follow the online coupon marketing strategies on the top, but never get rid of the classics. The perfect amalgamation of traditional marketing and digital marketing can surely take your e-commerce website to a brand new level.


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Saahil Goel

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