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April 07, 2014 edition

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online shoppee

online shoppee

Interviewing Faheem Shamshi, CEO of Online Shoppee.

Tell us about yourself.

Faheem: I am a graduate in computer applications (BCA). Internet surfing is my hobby which persuaded me to choose internet and ultimately e-commerce as a profession/career. I do not dream big but wants to stand along major kings of e-commerce world, whether it is Ebay, Tradus, Snapdeal or any other store.

When and how did you start online shoppee?

Faheem: In my college life I used to surf internet, shop online for various products. I realized that there is no e-store which sells complete range of antique, traditional, handicraft products especially wooden handicrafts. So I decided that I will lay the brick for such store and by god grace Online Shoppee, the unique handicraft e-gallery came into existence.

How is doing so far?

Faheem: Though the traffic on Online Shoppee is less as compared to other rivals but I believe in the saying ” Slow but steady wins the race” and I have noticed a regular increase in sales.

What were the major challenges when you started up?

Faheem: Initially I had to face lot of difficulties for promotion, advertisement & all that stuff that gives life to my store in terms of sale. But my hobby which is internet surfing showed me the way. I get to know how to promote & where to invest for promotional activities. If I should opt for PPC or SEO or combination of both or I should make competitors my medium of promotion.

How did you get to know Kartrocket?

Faheem: I saw an advertisement of Kartrocket which was smartstore previously on the side of my web page and thought that it can be the ladder to reach my goal.

How is your experience with Kartrocket?

Faheem: I had a great time communicating with Kartrocket staff who proved to be very helpful to me in achieving my aim….my E-STORE- online shoppee

Saahil Goel

CEO and Co-Founder,

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