Understanding How Customers Look at Online Shopping Stores

When I say sales the first thing that pops in your head is about balance sheets and a lot of accounts to manage. The money and business strategies are all that anyone ever thinks of. That is it, right? After all, this is where you earn and money is all that is all about. But that is not true (as ever, yes sir, you are mistaken). There is much more to sales than just selling. You have to be in the head of the customer if you want an effective enterprise. Or else you would just be handling a struggling enterprise with little success. Here are a few techniques that you can implement to sneak peek in the heads of your prospective customers and helps you score better with them.


1.    What goes around, comes around

We have a tendency to always return favours back. If there is something that we hate is owing to anyone. From something as trivial as the watchman opening the door and letting you through first to somebody helping you with admission to your dream college. Everything is remembered and reciprocated back in the same coin. Yes, it’s not just karma and the universe that secretly weigh your pots of good and bad deeds, but people remember too.

So how do you implement that via your business? Provide people with perfect goods and for free? No definitely not! Its business dear, not charity for crying out loud! But you can bestow your users with offers and goodies that they can neither resist nor forget.


When you first visit a noodle store that offers you helpings of their noodles that are ready to make (and eat too) your first thought is so they are genuine and the taste too is as promised. Also when people eat freebies they feel an obligation to buy and even advertise your product. Its just the natural response, ignoring the few Scrooges everywhere though.


Of course you can’t go around offering free stuff to people, because you are an online store! Nobody feels attached to some little free stuff of the web! You have gpt to create a mark. And the best way to do that would be to focus on existing customers and converting them to frequent regular ones! This could be some complementary freebies to people who buy very frequently from you. Or maybe offering them some free tips or special access to some tips that makes them feel special. All of such special perks that customers don’t ask for particularly, make them feel grateful towards you.


2.    The fear of missing out

With the social media going all soaring today, people like to say connected and informed. The first person to find about Miley twerking did not find the coal mine but he was definitely psyched to know that he was the first to know! Yep that is how it is! Everybody is completely obsessed with knowing everything.


But why am I telling you this? What is the point of this point? As an entrepreneur you have to understand that exploiting this little weakness in the minds would guarantee very admirable results. When you make your products create a sense of shortage. You shouldn’t be very available always. In fact the stuff you sell should be limited edition so that people grab it first thing they see on the internet. The impression should be that everyone wants it so what are you waiting for? It will be long gone before you try to get your hands on it if you don’t hurry up!


People fall for this everytime without fail, because of the way that they think now. Its not about what they “want”, but about what they “should want”. They are deeply motivated by the thought that they might lose out on something. Some of the best ways are announcing “Out-of-stock” or putting forth a seasonal sale stating “Offer valid till stocks last”. Such statements creates the anxiety in the buyer that he needs to fall victim to your goods!


3.    Keeping Promises and commitments

Just like that dialogue from Salman Khan’s ‘Bodyguard’, commitments are very serious affairs in the eyes of people, specially when there are others involved. Everyone wants to appear as extremely committed to the world as possible! And in that idealogy people will go to great lengths to appear consistent in their words and actions.

As a retailer, if you can get customers to make a small commitment to your brand (like signing up for your email newsletter), they are more likely to eventually purchase from you. Yes that is exactly how weird people can get once they make promises. They try their best to keep people happy even if that means that they will have to buy stuff they don’t really want. And once you succeed in making them buy stuff off your shopping list, their commitment towards you increases you even more. And I am not kidding! These things do happen.

Unlike your view of the people as ‘customer’ people look upto to the shops/stores that they buy from. Once they commit themselves to you they are generally following you and they feel obligated to be a aprt of everything you launch. This is rather short lived so its best if you get the best in the initial days of their buyership days. Once you real them in, in the beginning, they are sure to become closely involved in your activities. And once that happens you will have the perfect customers! So get smart and work your work around the minds! Success will surely be trailing behind.

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