5 Tips to Optimize your Store with Google Places


We know about Google Places now. For those who yet don’t, Google places for business is a tool by which you can capitalize on Google’s search results as a business exclusively. That is putting it briefly. Basically it is as good as publicizing your enterprise via Google tools.Offering potential customers complete, accurate, and meaningful information about your local business at the exact moment they’re searching for services or products that you sell can lead to more traffic and sales, both in-store and online.

Where most people think they know how to use Google Places, the fact is they don’t. yes, they know how to log in, search for their businesses and draft stuff about their work. But do they really know how to make the best of the tool they have in hand? Don’t get me wrong but when the biggest search engine provides you with a free advertising technique you don’t usually let it go for just like that. You make the best of it. In fact you even ask for help if you have to, but you just get your work right! Here are a few tips (yet again) that will help you sail through the confusion of the latest craze in the Entrepreneur Town: Google Places.


1.    Always complete what you begin

Isn’t this what we have always heard from everyone? Little annoying, isn’t it? But true nonetheless. You must always finish everything you start. Its stupid if you can’t and rather unproductive if you don’t. While creating your Google Places profile, you might find some parts that will feel like a waste of time, but don’t just neglect them on that criteria. Even though they might seem irrelevant at first but they will ultimately have an impact on how people perceive you online. See, the standards need to be filled up without any hassle, because duh! They are essentials for a reason. They are the most fundamental part of your business profile so that people can find and get to you whenever the need be.The obvious essentials to be filled up are the Company name, company owner’s name, address, website, email id and contact number.

But don’t just stop there. There are other text optional fields that should be filled for an elaborate detailing in your profile.The thing is, Google wants its users to have the best experience on its Places page (actually on its every page but you get the point right!). so you will definitely get a better ranking once you complete as much about yourself as possible.

Even when several results are shown side-by-side a more complete listing will be more compelling to the shopper.Keeping that in mind (or rather its algorithm) the search engine displays the more complete listing more prominently. So be sure to include your website URL, email address, telephone number, hours of operation, accepted forms of payment and well written description of your business.



2.    Reviews and feedback are your ticket to fame

It is one thing to write about yourself. And praising the self especially because advertising is the most common thing in the world. Customers don’t appreciate it that much and don’t look forward to reading the niceties that businesses use to glorify themselves. They are looking for the truth no matter how not-nice it might be. And who better to supply them with the stuff they require than others of their kind? Yep they rely on customer reviews for the truth. And you have to make sure to encourage it at all times, so as to get a higher crowd on your page. Start by asking loyal/frequent followers to leave their reviews on your page. In fact when you reach five or more reviews Google will start to give your map listing a star rating. Not only this, but sometimes the listing is based on number of reviews too. After all they are the truest testimony for potential customers!

Reviews add validity to the statements and information written by your company. You could post video testimonials or encourage people to do so! Or you could ask people to upload photos of themselves when they were present at your store. This again is a multimedia publicity that is always welcome by viewers!You may also directly ask people who visit your physical store to go visit your page and leave a quick review.


3.    Get it right

Now, it’s one thing to be all appreciative of your business. But the thing is, are you doing it right? There is a set of guidelines that Google expects you to meet while you are working with Google places. This is the basic information that Google believes in while you create stuff with its tools. The Google Places page also requires the same amount of care and here are a few listed rules to be must followed: Business Quality Guidelines. Some of the more obvious ones are as: Be sure that you are authorized to manage the Places you are accessing. Also use precise locations and so on. Read them and abide by them without fail.

Also even though genuine information is one thing, putting the wrong information by mistake on your page is rather injurious to your business. Make sure you choose the Proper Business categories for your Places page. Google will show a business’s first three categories to help users decide which listings to examine further when it displays local search results. Additional categories are only displayed when the users clicks a link asking to do so.

Its rather probable that Google decides how prominent your display will be on the basis of the category information you provide. With that in mind it is very important to select categories that accurately describe your business and that will help your potential customers not feel like they have ended on Mars!


4.    Concept of the Correct Content

Now once you understand what to write, you must learn how to write. Its easy to say that you need to optimize your write up to make sure people turn from prospective buyers to frequent visitors. But how to do this? That remains a question most wish to ask and yet they never really do.

So lets review this. Frankly, don’t bother with the niceties and the praising of your work. Leave that for your user reviews. People want quick reads about what you represent so give them exactly that. Use keywords that are most likely to turn search engine optimization in your favour.

However, you will want to avoid over stuffing your description with keywords or utilizing keywords in your business name that are not relevant to your offering. Do your research with your analytics account to determine what keywords are appropriate for your business. The goal should be to convey your core value proposition to the customer rather than blindly focusing on just keywords. (Basically you have to be smart.)

If you are smart you will always come up with special offers to attract people. The idea is basically just this: make yourself the most appealing place on the map! Whenever you appear in the search results people are more likely to click your link if they find attracted to you via any means: offers, treats, discounts being some of the most preferred options. Regularly update any special offers or deals that you might have up your sleeve. Also do remember to change this when the offer runs out. Nothing puts off people like outdated offers!

5.    Multimedia Mania

In the world where a picture speaks more than a thousand words, it would be crazy to not use them in your promotion. And nothing could be better than finding images of the place you wish to visit. Google Places is the one thing that would be rather inefficient without the right amount of photos and videos. So upload images that screem “We are great. Come here soon!” not only this but testimonial videos (as I mentioned earlier) are a smart way of saying that you are genuine and open for customers! Not only this, but involve people who like your work too. Ask people to get their photos uploaded as reviews on your listing page. Pictures that are with real people only give you more genuineness level, which is better for your business!

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