Choose From The Best Payment Gateways In India

Every ecommerce website needs a payment gateway simply because it provides convenience and security. Without it, consumers may hesitate to conduct financial transactions with the website. In order to understand the importance of a payment gateway, you must know how it exactly functions.

What Is A Payment Gateway? How It Functions?

A Payment Gateway is an application service provider that allows people to pay for goods and services using a credit card or debit card from an online retailer. It acts as the terminal of the information from and to the consumer, ecommerce website and bank. Here’s an outline: on how the payment gateway works:
• Once the user has decided to purchase something from the website, he/she has to fill the payment information that includes their credit card or debit card number and other details.
• This information is collected by the payment gateway and is processed to the bank for authorization. All this is done carefully after encrypting this information.
• Then, the bank sends the request to the card issuer for further authorization. After accepting or declining the request, the card issuer sends back the request to the processing bank.
• Now, this is forwarded to the merchant, through the payment gateway, to complete the rest of the formalities, based on whether the request has been accepted or rejected.
• The merchant informs the users. If the request has been accepted, then the payment is done from the user’s end.

Payment Gateways in India.

In India, a merchandiser can choose from a range of payment gateways available. However, it is advisable to have a comparative study about the available payment gateways that will help you make your decision wisely and as per your requirement. Following are the most preferable payment gateways available and their respective benefits.

payment gateways in india

CC Avenue:

Authorized by one of the most reputed India financial institutions, CCAvenue is a leading provider of payment gateway systems. They accept and authenticate credit card, debit card, ATM-cum-Debit Card, mobile and cash card payments conducted through internet.

They provide secured route between consumers, merchants, acquiring banks and issuing institutions. With 24×7 facilities, it delivers real time web reporting and Stats via Web Interface along with in-built risk management engine that will save you from any chargeback losses.


DirecPay is another payment gateway service provider in India. They offer cost-effective payment solutions to merchants with various modes of payments, acceptance and validation. It is a PCI-DSS certified payment gateway that means no compromises with the payment security. It provides an easy integration process within few hours. Merchants can also track their transactions details with their MIS (Merchant Information System).


In India, EBS is the one shot solution that offers the broadest variety of payment options on a single platform. Actually, it covers 97% of all expense procedures used by consumers. EBS is constantly expanding its network in order to accommodate the growing number of online shoppers. It has met the highest security standard along with different business requirements. Its user friendly backend will help the merchants to manage transactions along with the best conversion rates with advanced analytics.

ICICI Payment Gateway

ICICI is a global frontrunner in the field of ecommerce payment services. It offers the best and the most secured transactions with credit card and debit cards and provide a convenient channel for merchant services. ICICI continues to grow, as more and more ecommerce sites are being launched.

How To Choose Payment Gateway For Your Business?

While choosing a payment gateway, it is recommended to invest time and energy and scrutinize each option available. You will have to choose to best in the industry for protected transactions. Besides this, the payment gateway must not experience frequent technical problems because this can affect your business as well lead to loss of potential customers. The setup fees, transactions and other charges must fit into your budget. But, do not settle on anything just because it is very cheap. Study their services thoroughly and opt for the best.

How Can You Get Reduced TDR?

TDR can eat a large chunk of amount that should get into your business. This is inescapable. However, you can get reduce TDR by signing up on a reputable ecommerce platform like Kartrocket. Launching your own online business can be a lot easier with this platform. Their e-com experts will guide you through the process and if some glitch comes up, they will respond to it immediately. Kartrocket works with the most reputable payment gateway providers in India so you can be confident about its legality.


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