20 Resources For Picking a Memorable Domain Name

So you’ve decided to go online, you’ve got your suppliers lined up and you’ve got your tech worked out. But you’re still confused about how to brand your site. You ask friends and family for suggestions only to find out the ones you love most aren’t available. Soon you realize that even your second preferences aren’t available. Then you see domain names for sale for Rs. 200,000.

Now you’re really confused.

So what should you do? How do you find the right domain name quickly and efficiently? This article will help you with some top notch tips and kick-ass resources to get your domain name finding expedition underway.

Short is in

What? Yes. While you might think that bestonlineshoppingforindia.com is a good idea, it’s not. A domain name should be short and simple and easy to remember. Your customers will also be able to type them quickly and it’s more brandable for your business. Keeping it short and simple is probably a good thumb rule.

Be consistent

You should try and name your business and domain name consistently. People tend to think of the website by its name, not the domain. So if your website is called “Art India” and your domain name is called “indiaartisansunite.com”, its not going to fly with your customers. By naming your domain the same as your website name, you get an advantage and recognition. Stay away from generic domains because someone told you it helps in SEO. It doesn’t. you would much rather name it after your unique brand and also create remembrance in your customers’ minds.

Be different

Try to come up with a unique name. If there are a dozen karts in India (lenskart, flipkart, healthkart), you don’t necessarily have to be a “kart”. (Though KartRocket is suitable because we supply karts :)). A unique and rememberable domain name will help you in the long haul when people associate your name with something that personally appeals to them and it will create an instant and permanent connect. It is also important in helping you develop your unique character, brand and voice.

Think forward

Think big and forward. Is your target audience going to change in 2 years from now? Maybe you will start targeting the US or Europe. Maybe you will expand your category niches. So think ahead. This will also help you decide whether you want a dot com or a dot co. Being too specific in your domain naming endeavors can leave you with that unsatisfactory feeling six months later when you decide to expand out. You may realize that you want to sell toys, kids clothes, diapers on a “TeddyKart.com”. This will also in the long run give your customers the wrong message – as they log on to your site expecting only teddies. . Think of possible growth, new niches and directions of development. The point is not to let your domain name limit your opportunities.

Think easy

Apart from being unique and brandable, your domain should be easy to remember. So try not to take after the proverbial 5 letter, but unpronounceable randomization of letters that leaves your customers guessing! Those days are passe. Its better to stick to two english or hinglish words which have a meaning and relate directly to your website. That’s much more memorable. And yes, watch those spellings too. Too much of a twist, and your customers won’t remember you even when they want to.

Here are some tools to help in your domain research:

1. DomainTyper

One of my personal favorites! DomainTyper lets you instantly search for available domain names and also lets you use their domain name generator on the fly. My top choice for domain research.

2. Panabee

Panabee is a great way to see related domains for a web app, mobile app or for a blog, etc. It helps you find several variations of a given domain name in order to narrow down your search and spark your creativity.

3. Moniker

Moniker is an established decade old domain name registrar. Here you can look for domain names that may be for sale.

4. Domainr

Domainr helps you find domains that are outside the notorious dot com,net and org range. It searches through all domain extensions available to give you a “domain hack”, so you can easily find a domain like my.sh.op.

5. Domize

Domize offers a quick way to search domains also – much like domain typer.

6. NameStation

NameStation is a contest website where you can run a paid contest to get people to find domains for you. Pretty nifty concept. They also have several domain generator tools built in, but you have to pay for them beyond a certain number of searches. Worth a shot if you’re completely lost on finding a good name.

7. NameTumbler

At Name Tumbler you can find domains for just about anything at the click of a button.

8. Domainit Suggestion Tool

DomainIt helps you find domains that are available quickly by defining your own search & filter criterion.

9. Domain Exposer

One of the few tool that has an accurate domain name generator and availability checker all built into one. Most other generators don’t go a great job at checking availability.

10. Pcnames

Instantly check which domains are available for any extension you want.

11. Namebio

Namebio is a searcheable database of domains for sale. You can specify your price range, domain length and look for domain names that suit your needs. You’ll be surprised at some gems you can find using this at throwaway prices too.

12. DomainTools

DomainTools serves as a complete domain research suite. It helps you find all information about the past, present and future of a domain name. Useful if you’re trying to get in touch with someone or if you’re doing competitive market intelligence gathering.

13. Olddomains

Old Domains helps you find expired and previously registered domains at a good price. Simply search through their database and come up with something you like.

14. Wordoid

Wordoid is a great web application that lets you generate random domain names in any language. You can obviously add a keyword that you want in the domain and it will automagically create english or other words around that keyword. Must try.

15. RhymeZone

Rhyme Zone will let you find a word’s synonyms, meanings and rhyming words (obviously). Perfect if you want to create a name like “DateVine” (GrapeVine) for a dating site as an example.

16. Word Mixer

If you’re looking to create a witty and meaningful domain, Word Mixer can help you break down words, mix and match them to create something new. The chances of being able to register such a domain are also high!

17. WordConstructor

Word constructor can help you create a new name for a brand, for your company and ofcourse for your website.

18. Random Word Generator

Random word generator uses a database of letters, applies an algorithm to it to generate syntactically correct random words. Good to find easy to remember but absolutely unique domain names.

19. Who.is

Who.is is the gold standard when it comes to finding details of a pre-existing domain. You can get information about administrative and technical contacts, IP address hosting the domain, related domains and other premium (for sale) domains on who.is.

20. Flippa

Flippa is the leading marketplace in the world to buy/sell domains and website ideas.  You can easily find a domain name (or twenty) at Flippa by quickly browsing through their listings. Also, its a C2C auction format website, so you directly negotiate with the seller and can get a steal without those pesky domain bookers in between!

Did I miss anything? If you know of other domain research tools, please post them below! Thanks…

Picking a Domain Name


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