Deliver your Products on Limited Pincodes With Pincode Restriction App

To help their clients run business in limited geography, KartRocket presents new and improved Pincode Restriction App, in which you can pre-define the pincodes where your online store delivers the product.

If your online store does not provide all India delivery or has non-availability of shipping in any particular area, then you can notify your customer about this is the beginning and not accept the order. This saves a lot of time for your customers. Also, this enhances your brand reputation. This app is very helpful specially if you have a flower delivery shop, a bakery or anything that sells perishable items.

KartRocket’s new ‘Pincode Restriction’ App allows you to put restrictions on the pincodes where your online store want to offer delivery. It also lets you put restriction on COD and Prepaid orders. Hence, you get more control over where and how you want to deliver your products.

How To Use Pin Code Restriction App?

Login to your KartRocket store’s admin panel. You will see ‘App’ section in the header. Click on it. Here you will see a list of apps provided by KartRocket. Search for Pincode Restriction.

Turn ON the Pincode Restriction App and click on Settings.

To restrict delivery for COD as well as Prepaid Orders, Turn OFF the ‘Check Only Cod’ Button and follow the bellow steps:

In case, your store delivers products only in a particular area, then you can choose to turn off the ‘Check Only COD’ option. For example, if your store delivers products only to Delhi-NCR, you can define all the pincodes and then categorize them into COD and non-COD regions. In case, your customer enters any other pincode, then the order won’t be accepted at all.

Add Pincodes Manually:
1) Simply click on ‘Add.’

Pincode Restriction

2) Type the area name, pincode and choose whether it is for COD or non COD orders. Save it.

Pincode Restriction 2

3) Repeat these steps until you have listed down all the pincodes.

Bulk Import Pincodes:
You can also import pincodes from your computer directly to the KartRocket admin panel. All you need is to click on Import. Choose the file and click on Open.

Pincode Restriction 3

To know how to create file so that you can import it easily, then you can click on ‘Download Sample File’ for reference.

Pincode Restriction 4

To restrict delivery for only COD orders, Turn ON the ‘Check Only Cod’ Button and follow the bellow steps:

Pincode restriction 5

If you wish to put restriction on COD orders only, Turn ON the ‘Check Only COD’ option. It will let you define the pincodes for which your store will accept only COD orders. It also means that your online store will accept prepaid orders for all the other pin-codes.

Other Features Offered By New Pincode Restriction App

View All Pincodes Easily
You can easily view all the pincodes entered by you. You can also search for a particular pincode or the area through Search tab.

Export Pincode Data
You can export all the entered pincode data in an excel file and save it to your device. You can access this file anytime from your computer or laptop.

Delete Pincodes
In case, you want to remove any pincode from your list, simply select it and click on Delete. That Pincode will be removed from the list.

Delete All Pincodes
If you wish to delete all the pincodes and maintain a new one, then click on ‘Delete All Pin’. Confirm this by clicking on Yes.


Saahil Goel

Founder & CEO at Shiprocket

Saahil Goel is Co-Founder and CEO of Shiprocket, a data-driven logistics aggregation platform that drives efficiency in India’s eCommerce logistics by connecting online retailers with logistics prov ... Read more

Saahil Goel

CEO and Co-Founder,

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