PinkCuckoo – A Unique eCommerce website which focusses on rare ancient art of fabric

PinkCuckoo is a young enterprise thriving to give a new dimension to the world of fashion with an aim to bring forward the rare ancient art on fabrics. It curates its designs from the interiors of India and give them a modern touch to stimulate new ways of expression.

It’s the brain child of Abhinav Gupta, ex-banker from Dubai who hails from Jammu & Kashmir.

How did you come up with the idea of creating your own store?

Well I would say the idea for setting up PinkCuckoo came more as a need of the time. I was facing tremendous pressure under my previous employer due to the economic crisis in UAE. This kind of forced me to come up with something unique to start with. I was in Jammu & Kashmir then and to think of a business model which can flourish here was a tricky affair. The concept started with spreading the heritage art of Jammu & Kashmir to the world, which later spread to portraying most of the rare arts.

What is so unique about your online store?

The uniqueness is in the segment that we are touching. We are trying to make the traditional embroidery art from the interiors of Jammu & Kashmir available to the rest of India, designed on the finest fabrics. PinkCuckoo also sets up a source of extra earning for the women of Jammu & Kashmir who are skilled in the particular work.

What were the major challenges did you face while starting up?

Every unique idea or the concept has to face some or the other challenges. But our will power helped us navigate through all the odds. Just to jolt to some they were:

  1. Brain storming on what to sell & why sell.
  2. How to start selling with minimum investment.
  3. Getting the knack on the online service provider.
  4. Procurement of the correct items to sell.
  5. How to start selling something which is niche product.
  6. How to cope with the competitive price crisis.

Any learning you want to share with fellow entrepreneurs?

Be vigilant about what is happening in the industry & keep listening. Make a list of the competitors in the segment you want to start with and watch out for their moves.

How was your experience with KartRocket?

KartRocket is the best antidote I know for those who love to struggle without imperfection and in time. They helped us give shape to our ideas. The Team is very cooperative and working with them was a great experience. We look forward for our relationship with KartRocket.

Puneet Bhalla

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