How To Prepare Your Store For The Great Online Shopping Festival?

great online shopping festival

Google’s Annual Great Online Shopping festival is back and this time it just got bigger. The three day event is a great opportunity for your ecommerce portal to drive more traffic and raise some more sales. To take the advantage and start selling!

What Exactly Is Great Online Shopping Festival?

Started in 2012, Google came up with the idea of Great Online Shopping Festival. It was advertised on Youtube and Google Plus in which Google partnered with various ecommerce leaders to offer discounts and engage customers through games. A similar festival was held in December 2013 and it was a huge success. In 2014, the Great Online Shopping Festival is taking place from 10 December to 12 December. You can also this opportunity to drive more traffic to your online store and increase sales.

How to Get Prepared?

However, before you become a part this shopping festival, you should have a check on the following list on how to prepare your website for this:

1) Create Dedicated Landing Pages

If you haven’t got your Online Shopping Festival landing pages, make sure you prepare them now. This will surely entice more customers and deliberately increase sales. Optimize your page for shopping festival and display the biggest offers for maximum output.

2) Scale Up With Your Servers

Huge discounts and offers means more visitors on your store. You don’t want your website to crash and turn away potential customers. Remember that the traffic is expected to increase multifold during this shopping festival. Make sure that you scale up with the servers and prepare your website for anticipated heavy traffic.

3) Keep Your Inventory Ready

Whether you are doing this manually or using an inventory management software, make sure that you show only those products which you actually have. Keep a track on the number of each product and out of stock products. Don’t forget to update the same on your website to avoid any last minute rush.

4) Plan Your Shipping

The number of orders during the Great Online Shopping Festival is going to increase many times than your normal days. Make sure that you clear all the pending order till then to avoid any delay. Also, inform your customer about any kind of shipping delay beforehand. Clearly communicate the reason behind this.

5) Don’t Forget The Social Media

If you want relevant traffic at low cost, then social media is your best bet. Use these channels like Facebook and Twitter to promote and announce discounts and offers. Keep a close watch on your competitors and try to step ahead by bringing different ideas of promotion to drive more traffic.

6) Use Every Marketing Channel

Let the world know that your store is a part of the Great Online Shopping Festival. Use every possible marketing channel to promote your store like PPC, Facebook ads, Email marketing, blogs, newsletters, social media, etc. Do this on a regular basis to attract more customers.

Last but not the least, keep testing your website again and again and be prepared for any kind of hiccup. Got any new ideas to prepare store for this shopping festival? Do share with us by commenting below. 🙂


Saahil Goel

Founder & CEO at Shiprocket

Saahil Goel is Co-Founder and CEO of Shiprocket, a data-driven logistics aggregation platform that drives efficiency in India’s eCommerce logistics by connecting online retailers with logistics prov ... Read more

Saahil Goel

CEO and Co-Founder,

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