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We’re all bucked up to make our platform simpler, and user-friendly, here’s a list of the major enhancements that went LIVE recently:

1. Navigational Changes in web pages’ section

In a move to simplify the left menu options, we’ve clubbed “add web page” and “manage web page” setting together. Now we only have one main section called as Web Pages. This will by default open all the fields associated with “manage web pages”, to add a page, you can click on “add pages” button on the top right of this section.

2. Auto hide “Out of stock products”

Auto hide sold out products setting lets you hide/unhide out of stock from your website. It is an automated process, so when the product comes back in stock it would start showing up again.

If you have set “Auto Hide Sold out products” setting from general setting as Yes, then “Out of stock” products would neither be displayed in product groupings nor in the category listing.This is an enhancement to the existing feature, earlier out of stock products were visible in the product grouping even if the setting was selected as “Yes”.

Follow the below steps to activate it on your store:

Step 1: Login to your admin panel
Step 2: Navigate to Settings > General Setting
Step 3: Look for “Auto Hide Sold Out Products” setting, toggle the status ON or OFF to activate or deactivate the feature.
Step 4: Click on “Save” button.

P.S – If the setting is “ON”, Out of Stock Product don’t get displayed on the website

If the setting is “OFF”, the products with 0 quantity will also be displayed on the website

3. Pincode field disabled for UAE/Dubai

As we all know that for shipping products in Saudi Arabia & UAE, pincode is not the mandatory requirement in the address. So, to ease the checkout process for customers, we’ve disabled pincode field when the selected country is either Dubai or Saudi Arabia. For rest of the countries, it would be enabled and would function in the same manner.

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