How to Market a Product on Social Media – A Strategy

How to Market a Product on Social Media

For business owners in this age of online commerce and social media networking interacting with end users has become customary. Sellers and advertisers are seeking new ways of staying close to existing clients and prospective buyers using various online options including social networking sites. Regardless of the segment of the business, you are in or its scale, social media is a fantastic way of promoting a product or business service. It is a definite way of reaching out to your potential and existing buyers in the shortest possible time and at least cost.

Follow these steps to promote a product on social media channels effectively:

Step 1. Establishing an Objective

Obviously, the objective for being present in networking sites is the promotion of your product or service. However, it is advisable to have specific objectives: such as getting more repeat orders, gaining new buyers etc.

Step 2. Picking the Social Networking Sites

There are multiple social networking sites, and as an advertiser, it is foremost to select the best among them. Most commonly used networking sites are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You may also go for advertising on lesser known sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr. It is easier to get advertising space in the less popular social sites and the possibility of growth in viewers’ traffic is higher.

Step 3. Having Presence on Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are the two most popular social networking sites globally. A presence in any or both of these sites would ensure a worldwide viewership. Having your own Facebook page would enable interested viewers and potential customers to interact in an informal manner. It would also let you have feedbacks and comments directly from end users. Through these social sites surveys, and quizzes could be conducted and winners be awarded. Offering rewards to viable suggestions or propositions is an excellent way of keeping members interested and engaged.

Twitter is a comment based networking site while Facebook allows sharing of pictures and videos as well.

Step 4. Do not neglect LinkedIn

The approach of LinkedIn is markedly different from either Twitter or Facebook. Though a social site, LinkedIn is more inclined towards professionals and businesses. Presence on this social network assures a more productive response from members and viewers. If you actually are interested in establishing commercial deals and relationships through networking sites then, LinkedIn would be your safest bet.

Step 5. Blogging

Blogging is a great way of getting viewers attracted to your product or service. There are two ways of going about blogging. Firstly, you could create your own blogging or blog site and make your own creations. Secondly, you could write as a guest in other related blogs about your commodity or service. You could even ask your friends and well wishers to share their thoughts and impressions about your good or service in the form of blogs.

The most effective way of promoting through social networking sites is to appoint social media marketers. They are trained professionals in doing social media marketing against a charge. It is always advisable to engage professionals as they are thoroughly aware of current trends and possibilities in social media marketing.

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