Things To Avoid Before You Publish App On iTunes

publish app on itunes

Today, ecommerce has become an event where customers are invited as guest and the online store owner plays the part of good and helpful hosts. With unstoppable spreading of ecommerce wings, it has not only taken over the web, but smartphones have also become a part of it. This is the reason why most of the ecommerce store owners are gradually shifting their focus to mobile sites and apps. While a mobile website helps your customer to browse your store on browsers, mobile apps let them connect with you 24/7, without the hassle of opening a browser and browsing to your website.

Many store owners try to publish app on iTunes and Android market so that their potential customers can download them on their smartphones. However, listing your app on Apple store is bit difficult. Often, the store apps get rejected by Apple developers. If you are wondering where your mobile app is lacking, check out the most common issues which lead to its rejection.

Test Before You Submit

Make sure that you can publish App on iTunes only when you are done with its testing. Check if there are any crashes or bugs. If yes, then fix them before the Apple developers reject it.

Avoid Broken Links

Make sure that all the links on your app is fully functional. Even a single broken link can play a spoilsport in listing your app on iTunes. Check that you have included updated contact information and privacy policy, if needed.

Follow Apple IT Design Guidelines

Don’t complicate your mobile app. Apple demands a clear and user-friendly interface for customer’s convenience. Before you start developing iTunes app, you can check Apple’s UI Design guidelines.

Check Advertisement Status

Before going for app review, you are asked about Advertising Identifier (IDFA). This feature is used to serve ads on your app. If you want your app to use IDFA, then check all the ads are properly working or not. In case, you don’t want to use IDFA, but it uses it during the review process. In both conditions, your app will not become a part of iTunes.

Meet The Features You Offer

Apple hates those apps which mislead its user. Make sure that you don’t promise any feature that your app is unable to do. Check and test that whatever features you are offering through your mobile app, they are properly functioning.

Avoid Submitting Same Again And Again

If you are re-submitting the same app with same features again and again, then it puts your app to clear rejection. If your app has been rejected before by Apple, make sure that you review it properly a make the necessary corrections before re-submit for review.

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