Recruiting For A Startup? Here Are 6 Fun Yet Useful Traits To Look For!


Hiring and attracting future talent has always been a daunting task for many companies, especially when you’re in the world of business as a startup. But, no matter how tough the task is, recruiting is the most important factor for you! As a startup, you might be not very sure about what skill sets you’re looking in your employee. That’s when you need to try out different and interesting recruiting methods.

Here we present 6 fun yet useful traits to look for when you’re recruiting for your startup –



In simply words, Gung-ho means enthusiasm. That one employee who’s enthusiastic about everything he/she does. We all love someone who is outgoing and energetic about everything – including work. Having such a person in your company will bring high motivation and passion even when you can’t see sunshine. Such employees bring life and spirit into the company and the whole team’s confidence is boosted with the mere presence of that enthusiastic person. Look for a person who goes for everything with a smile on his/her face. The one who brings optimism and positive vibe in every dull situation.

Out of The Box

Creativity would never let you down. The creative mind is a soul food. Trust me, when I say this! Whether it’s as simple as decorating the desk with puns or taking Polaroid pictures with the colleagues, creative people are the rare and unique species. They’re the one who has got brainstorming ideas and are great at solving problems with their creativity. You won’t regret hiring the “out of the box” person.


“You Can Count On Me”

Yes, there’s always a need of ‘responsible’ lot in any organisation. Of course you need to look for enthusiastic and creative people for your startup but, how can you forget the ones who can handle these people and get the work done from them? Startup works are generally time-framed and needs to be done efficiently. So, for that purpose, you need somebody who can get the work done from others to achieve your goals.

Loves People

When you start a business, your employees are the important asset. But it’s equally important for your employees to work in a group. While recruiting for your startup, look for somebody who is exceptionally good at team work. For your startup, having somebody who’s good with being a team player, has a great sense of humour, has patience and is always optimistic is the perfect blend of success. There’s nothing more you could ask for!


Confidence Is Sexy

We all love people who are confident in their own skin, don’t we? So why not to hire somebody who’s confident enough to learn and experiment his/her skill sets in your startup? Here confidence should not be mistaken for being self-absorbed. Confidence is high self-worth and believe in one self. You get a perfect employee when confidence is mashed up with creativity and enthusiasm.


Street Smart

The one that fits in your organization is great, but having somebody who can encounter challenges which is help of his/her street smartness is awesome. The candidates who are resourceful make the most of the opportunity they’re given. Such street smart people are smart enough to bring out positive outcomes in negative situations.

In Conclusion

Recruiting for a startup is an exciting learning experience. When you’re the founder of the startup, you could always look for new and exciting ways to hire people. Think about what qualities you need in your employees. Or what kind of an enthusiasm you want to see. Make your recruiting fun for yourself and also for the people who are applying for the position. Break the recruiting stereotype.

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Puneet Bhalla

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