How To Reduce Cart Abandonment And Increase Your Sale Deliberately?

reduce cart abandonment

In the earlier blog, we had discussed the reasons on why your customers are abandoning their cart. Today, we have summed up some of the most effective strategies to reduce cart abandonment in your online store. Wondering what are these? Let’s check out!

Effective Strategies To Reduce Cart Abandonment

To decrease the number of cart abandonment, you need to follow up two different set of strategies. One is before cart abandonment. The second is after the cart has been abandoned by the customer. Let’s find out what are these:

Before Cart Abandonment

This is the stage when your customer is still on the website and about to buy product. Follow these steps and increase the sales conversion on your online store.

1) Secure Your Website
Many customers are insecure about paying online due to security reasons. This leads to many abandoned carts. If you have a new customer, he/she might need an assurance about the security of online payment as well as the privacy of other information. You can get an SSL certificate for your website. The HTTPS sign ahead of your domain name gives an extra nudge and communicates extra website security.

2) Offer Various Payment Options
Don’t limit yourself with a limited payment options. Make sure that your website has atleast accept payments through credit card, debit card, net banking as well as COD. This will not only reduce cart abandonment, but also increase the number of potential customers on your website.

3) Make Your Site User-Friendly
Don’t overcomplicate your website. Make it as easy as possible. Simplify your website navigation and provide all the information, be it product description, product image and other charges, that is easy to notice. Make sure that your customer can easily buy products within few clicks.

4) Offer Better Shipping Options
Another solution to reduce cart abandonment is to offer more and better shipping options. It is very annoying on the customer part to know that the product can’t be shipped on their pincode, that too at the end of the checkout process. You can increase the number of shipping pincodes or simply let your customer know, whether the product is available for their pincode, before he/she get to the checkout point.

5) Offer Guest Checkout
Many online shoppers are in a hurry to shop. They want an easy checkout for quick exit. If you want to reduce cart abandonment, provide them easy checkout. Offer Guest Checkout for such customers so that they can skip the hassle of providing information. Keep the registration for later.

6) Convey Extra Cost Beforehand
Extra shipping cost or taxes can really put off your customer. There are times when customer shop in your store for discounts, but gets disappointed seeing the final price, which is much more than expected. This leads to cart abandonment. Make sure that you show any such extra cost along with the price, so that the customer can easily make up his/her mind.

7) Explain Return/Exchange Policy
Keep clear about the refund or exchange policy, if any. Include such policies increases your sale conversion. It takes out the confusion of many customer of whether to buy products or not. Show your company’s return or exchange policy within the shopping process to assure your customer that you are standing behind them, in case of any problem.

8) Review And Customer Testimonials
For any startup brand, brand credibility is a big issue. Since, people don’t know you, they might be doubtful about your product quality. To end this issue, you can display customer testimonials or product reviews right in front of your potential customers, so that they are assured about your product quality. These reviews won’t only help in decreasing the number of cart abandonment, but also in SEO of your website.

9) Customer Support To Reply Queries
If your customer is having any confusion while buying the product, whether it is related to product, shipping or payment, make sure that you clear it right away. For this, you require a quick and responsible customer support. Provide toll free number or email to solve customer’s queries. You can also include live chat on your website to ease their concerns.

10) Take Care Of The International Audience
This is only applicable, if you are selling products internationally as well. Make sure that you provide a currency convertor on the website, so that your international buyers can easily calculate pricing in their currency. Also, make sure that you provide them with complete knowledge about shipping charges or any extra cost between the shopping process.

After Cart Abandonment

What if the customer abandons the cart? Check out the basic steps to turn the tables round.

1) Search Engine Remarketing
Various platforms like Google Adwords offer remarketing, where you can track your customer through the cookies and display ads. For example, a customer comes to your site, chooses product/s and then abandons the cart and leaves. But you can track him through its cookie through which you can display ads and encourage him/her to come back to your website and complete the checkout process.

2) Send Reminder Emails
In case, the customer has provided you his/her personal information, you can track their abandoned cart and send them a mail reminding the same along with a Call to Action button. This way, your customer might come back to your website and complete its purchase, in case he/she left in a hurry.

3) Offer Discounts And Offers
Entice your customers by offering great offers like free shipping, free products, discount coupons or lower down its price. Let these offers force your customer to come back to buy products.

Don’t let these abandoned cart jeopardize with your website sales. Implement these strategies to get maximum benefits. Got any other strategy that you find fruitful? Please let us know on the below comment section.

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