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Good news for Kartrocket merchants! Kartrocket has partnered with Refiral to help you get more sales. With Refiral, you can launch your social viral referral campaign virally, Run personalized, easy to integrate, fully automated marketing campaigns! It is a one-of-a-kind marketing solution which is fully automated and 100% customizable. It is designed to run social referral campaigns and helps you address three key challenges:

  • -First, it increases conversion rate i.e. converts more visitors to customers
  • -Second, it facilitates new customer acquisition at a low customer acquisition cost by capturing your customers’ friends
  • -Third, with rewards on repeat purchases, it helps you retain your existing customers, keeping them happy

You can integrate Refiral easily with your KartRocket online store and start free of cost. Just visit and create your campaign to get started.Click to view demo video on Vimeo

How does it work?

Prospective customers are offered instant discounts on their current purchase. To avail, all they need to do is share a discount link among their friends on social media networks. On a successful share, they get a discount, makes a purchase, hence, resulting in a higher conversion rate for your store.

The discount link shared further reaches out to the customers’ friends and hence gives you free social media marketing for your online store. His/her friends click on the shared link, get a coupon code, visit your store to make a fresh new sale at a cool discount, hence helping you acquire new customers.

It doesn’t end there. As soon as the friend makes a new sale, the original customer is rewarded for his successful referral, a discount for his next purchase on your store, hence helping you keep your existing customer happy. Multiple independent sales loops result in higher sales, increased customer loyalty and a higher customer b

If that’s not enough, Refiral also provides you with:

–    Real-time campaign analytics: A full 360 degree view to help you track your campaign continuously and measure ROI

–    100% customization: Maintain the look and feel of your brands, you decide your offers/discounts; content, style and colour schemes of popups on your websites; set default content for social media messages and emails for your customers to share and much more!

–    Fully automated and easily integration: Just kick off the campaign once and sit back to see your sales grow! Refiral is a hassle free integration with your KartRocket online store

How to get started with your Refiral Campaign?

Starting your Refiral campaign on KartRocket is really simple, seamless and quick – you can get your campaign live and start
generating referrals within hours. Use this step by step guide to create your campaign end to end (

Following are the steps to get your Refiral campaign live:

Step 1: Create coupon codes on Kartrocket admin panel

For Refiral to account to give maximum returns, please create three sets of coupons codes independently, as mentioned in the Refiral’s setup guide

Step 2: Sign up on www.refiral.comand create your personalized campaign

Step 3: On account approval, integrate Refiral with your Kartrocket store. From the ‘Integration’ tab in your Refiral account, copy your Refiral key’. In your KartRocket app store, turn ‘ON’ Refiral’s app and enter your key.


Pricing: What do you pay?

Refiral works on one single pricing plan: ‘You earn, you pay – You don’t, don’t pay.’

They charge you a fixed minimal commission of 6% against the successful sales through them. All other marketing and analytic services come in absolutely free!

refiral pricing

 For more details about refiral, feel free to drop a line at

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