Top Three Secrets For A Successful Business

I got a business. I got people to manage. I got products to get, dealers to reach, customers to provide to, contents to frame, and office to whitewash. Ah! Everything is so much and since it is all to be done, there is no time for me to do anything but all this work.

Stop losing your mind over everything, will you? Just halt for a second and breathe. No seriously, quit scanning this page for details about what is new in the market or good for your enterprise. Just sit back for few seconds and stare blankly into space and breathe. Feel the inhaling, if you may, and just appreciate the oxygen you are giving your lungs to work on. Yes. Now, you may quit cursing me for giving you the whole “Baba Ramdev Gyan” on a tech blog. Believe it or not, with a simple calm-down for half a minute, you just uplifted your output level from what you were producing these 30 seconds earlier.

As simple as that, you got to stop obsessing over all the work that you have to do. That will be done, but the doer is the more important entity in the whole deal. All you have to do is give time to the most important person in the world: Yourself. You are heading for all the working and the efficiency of the tasks will depend on your proficiency. So, the most important epicenter of all your focus should be yourself. Settle down and don’t let the head bloat anymore than what there is. What I am trying to say is that you need to work everything out with yourself. You have to be extremely comfortable with whatever you plan and love yourself in the whole process of doing it too. It seems rather trivial right now, but trust me it isn’t so easy and so little either.

Answer the “What” and the “Why”

I know what the sub head here looks like. Like some kind of oath that you are expected to file and submit. But no, that is not what I want here. No 1600 words of shear honesty-babble that is for writings’ sake only. You are an entrepreneur. You manage a company. An entire myriad of people and services are at the tips of the puppeteer strings that you control. So, how do you manage an entire organization, if you are not sure what and why you want? How do you start a fire in the jungle if you don’t even feel cold? This is exactly why you need a proper motto that will govern your company’s strategies. You need to establish your own fundamentals and let them sink in your foundations.You need to have a valid vision in your eyes (and no I don’t mean earning money) that states clearly inn your (and your people’s) minds, as to what you stand for and what will your means be to attain those goals. It could be something as simple as Disney’s “To make people happy” to something really weird like Google’s “Don’t be evil”. You just have to know what makes you and stick by it for the rest of your work.

Answer the “Who” and the “How”

Okay with all the emphasis on me and mine, I hate to admit it but you need people. It is very important to look at the whole truth. You can’t do everything alone all by yourself. Apart from the obvious lack of know-it-all skill, there is sure to be a shortage of time for doing everything. But saying that, there are two words to beat that issue at hand: Human Resources. That’s absolutely correct. These are the people designed for exactly the right sort of work, to hire the best for your enterprise. You require to recruit your team, sell your dream, and bring people together for a common goal! That is why, I asked you to get yourself together, so that you can pin point what you exactly want and get that going.
The thing is, without the right people you will be alone digging in the snow, unsure of which side is up and which are down. But, if you have a team that knows what is expected from them, aware of the expected means they can use to achieve these dreams, you will have help in figuring out the your course of action for your enterprise. Then you will have the “why” and “what” as well as the “who” and “how” all figured out!

Answer the Money and Resources

So you may start off from nuclear physics or rhetoric discussions; it always ends at a single point i.e. Money. Money makes the world go about. We always look forward to it. So, being the top has got a lot more than withdrawing fat salary packages. Your skills to manage the cash flow in your organization will reflect on how well you can manage your company. You may have a CFO for all the cash modeling, but it’s your job as CEO to determine where money gets allocated. Depending on what your primary and tertiary goals are, cash inflows should vary in your departments. Do you need more human resources or do you want to invest in software tools or maybe marketing requires your attention. How you ration your finances tells a story more than what your balance sheet can ever speak.
Where you allocate money tells everyone in your business what you value and what you don’t value. Your strategic decisions should be made in alignment with your cash resources. You determine where money goes, which determines what gets done, and that decides whether you will run a successful business or not.
Also, if budgeting is not your forte, don’t panic. Um, that would be fictitious. If you are struggling with budgeting or managing resources, just relax. You can always hire a CFO or a financially aware and efficient person to help you with all your work. Get a part-time help, learn from him, but always manage those resources well. It is imperative.
So now putting it all in a nutshell, the fact remains that if you want to succeed at whatever you plan the whole deal starts from you. Work on yourself first, introspect and realize your and your company’s goals. Then get the right people to work for you and work with them and for them. Give them the right resources and help to make them work in harmony with your vision. And lastly, you may now see yourself succeed!


Saahil Goel

Founder & CEO at Shiprocket

Saahil Goel is Co-Founder and CEO of Shiprocket, a data-driven logistics aggregation platform that drives efficiency in India’s eCommerce logistics by connecting online retailers with logistics prov ... Read more

Saahil Goel

CEO and Co-Founder,

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