Secure Your KartRocket Online Store with SSL Certification

If you are planning to run your online store successfully, you need to understand the importance of security measures for your ecommerce website. And SSL is an important part of it. We, at KartRocket, understand this need. That’s why you can easily avail SSL certification for your store easily. This way, KartRocket has become the first ecommerce platform in India to offer SSL certificates to its merchants.

What is SSL Certification? Why My Website Needs It?

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is an encrypted layer between your web server and your visitor’s browser so that your customer can easily share their private information without the fear of forgery. Due to uncountable instances of internet fraud and forgery, it is necessary for you to keep your website well-secured. An SSL certified ecommerce website renders many benefits like:

You Can Easily Run Ads on Google

If you want to promote your online store on Google, it is necessary to have a secured website. Google not only wants a safe payment gateway, but also needs your website’s checkout page to be secured as well. If your website is SSL certified, you can run paid advertisements on Google without any hurdle. If it is not, then you cannot run ads on Google, hence, losing a lot of traffic and sales.

You Gain Your Customer’s Trust

Seeing that your website is SSL certified, your customer will easily opt for the prepaid payment method like through credit card, debit card, net banking, etc. They will recognize is through your URL which will show “https” instead of “http”. Today, online shoppers look for this before purchasing online.

ssl certification


Add Power to Your Brand

Everybody would like to shop on a secure website where they know that their information is secure. If your store is SSL certified, it will add value to your brand. This way, more and more customers would like to shop with you, even for costly items like electronics, which the customer usually hesitates to buy online.

How Can I Avail This SSL Certificate For My Online Store?

Availing SSL certification through regular means is a time-sucking as well as a daunting task. If you want to make your KartRocket store well-protected from any kind of internet threats, you can avail SSL certification for your ecommerce website directly from us. All you need is to pay a onetime payment of Rs. 10,000 to KartRocket along with the regular SSL charges and your store is secure for life and follow these steps:

1) Make annual payment of Rs. 10000 to KartRocket.

2) We will mail you a link in which you need to fill your store details.

3) This link will generate a code which you have to send to your account manager.

4) Through that code, we will get SSL certification for your online store. It will be activated by the server.

5) Once, you get the confirmation, you need to turn on the SSL app from your KartRocket online store and your website is secure.

The whole process takes 15-20 days to complete.

Want to secure your KartRocket store? Talk to Your Account Manager to know more details.


Saahil Goel

Founder & CEO at Shiprocket

Saahil Goel is Co-Founder and CEO of Shiprocket, a data-driven logistics aggregation platform that drives efficiency in India’s eCommerce logistics by connecting online retailers with logistics prov ... Read more


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