Are you an SEO Professional? Use these 10 Free Google tools to be on the top


Whether you think of yourself as a content marketer, SEO marketer or an online marketer, the Digital Marketing industry has a typical love-hate relationship with Google. However, no matter what you think of the big G, there is a myriad of free tools that come with significantly helpful data. If used prudently, these can certainly help accelerate your digital marketing efforts. Unfortunately, Google has this consistent habit of either revoking back a couple of its tools or charging for its previously free tools. So, here is the 2017’s revised list of 10 free Google SEO tools that you must consider. Using one, two or all of them is indeed going to prove helpful for an SEO Professional.

1. Google Search Console

In case you wish to make use of only one tool from this entire list of 10, then Google Search Console could be an ideal choice. Previously known as the Webmaster Tools, this tool is more or less equivalent to giving your site a regular service. This is majorly used to keep everything running smoothly and spot the bigger issues with ease. You must see how many pages are indexed, check out if your site has a manual penalty, test your structured data or robots.txt file, identify broken links and crawling issues, analyze download links, and a lot more, all for free. This in a way is a peek into how Google regards the significant elements of your web portal.


2. Google Analytics

There’s possibly no SEO professional who isn’t aware of the frustration of the keyword data. However, a bit of it is resolved via Google Analytics. This SEO Tool presents a huge advantage for your site. It helps you analyze user experience, content, the success of your PPC campaigns and more. If the truth is told, if you are an SEO professional who is not using his analytics right, you are certainly going to be behind your competition no matter what you do. Over the years, several changes have come up in Google Analytics, however, it still remains just as popular. The tool is also facing a constant competition from the alternatives such as WebTrends, Clicky, Omniture, Open Web Analytics, and others.


3. Google AdWords and Keyword Planner

Another SEO tool that has undergone substantial and often the most saddening change in the past year is the Google AdWords and Keyword Planner. However, it still remains the principal source for many when it comes to analyzing the keyword volumes even if the other tools may be used for generating the seed lists. The new planner which was earlier more Keyword focused is today more PPC focused. As a result of this, the suggested keywords that you see are often so broad that they may seem useless initially. However, if used right, this tool can help you reap insignificant results.


4. Google Trends

Google Trends is undoubtedly a great tool for comparing the traffic for different search terms including the geographic, historic and related terms data. Now, the matter of the fact is you need to understand if a term is a falling or rising element of your topic’s vocabulary. This is necessary for creating lucrative content, all for free.


5. Google Consumer Surveys

On of the most quintessential aspect of any business or brand is understanding the audience. It is a key to making a great website which serves all their needs. Honestly, surveys can cost you a lot of money, however, the Google’s Consumer Surveys is an absolutely free tool for measuring the site satisfaction. Using this survey, you can get valuable information on how the users perceive the site as well as their experience of the site. This can be particularly helpful when you are testing a new content category or site design.


6. Page Speed Insights

In the year 2010, Google made a formal announcement that the speed of the site has become detrimental in the search ranking algorithms. Post that subsequent studies were conducted. These have very well proven that the speed of the site does have an impact on the visibility of the site. Fortunately, there does exist a way to create a couple of suggestions for your development team or client without you having to be a professional coder. The Page Speed Tools of Google includes Page Speed Insights browser extension for both Firefox and Chrome.


7. Content Experiments

What was once known as the Google Website Optimizer is today popularly known as the Google Analytics Content Experiments? At present, it is a part of Google Analytics and does not operate as a stand-alone tool. However, it still continues to offer an easy, free and an excellent way to test, optimize and measure the site. This tool ties in with the goals that you have formed in Google Analytics. It will further help you put forth the different variations of a page to the users. This means that you analyze the headlines colors, layouts, content and more to find the optimum layout. As Conversion Rate Optimization has become a common part of the digital marketing, this can be a good way to experience for yourself much before you make an investment in an agency.


8. Google Places for Business

Seeking another method that not just leads to extra search visibility but also generates higher traffic? You can do this by getting yourself a local listing. This can be done by using Google+ Local, Google’s Local facilities and Places for Business. So, does that mean you ought to be using multiple tools? Typically, yes! Though confusing, it is important for you to know that there are 2 different methods to achieve a local presence. When you have a Google Places, listing, you get control over the information that is displayed in the Google Maps which is then used as part of the local results. The pages of the Google + Business look more or less the same but help you post news, engage with the other local businesses and more.


9. Google Alerts

When speaking of the Free Google SEO Tools, how can we miss out on Google Alerts? Time and again, the reliability of Google Alerts has been questioned however, there’s absolutely no doubt on the fact that it does hold an important place in several online content creator’s and marketers heart. With the use of Google Alerts, you can keep an eye on your chosen topic and avail regular updates from Google on the latest index updates. Common uses of the Google Alerts include keeping an eye on any latest news on any company or topic of interest or finding the non-linking citations of your brand.


10. Tag Manager

The most common setback in digital marketing could be because of the delay that may be caused as a result of waiting in the line for development time. This is when the Google’s Tag manager comes into the picture. It will help you in updating most of the common site tags. This happens to be a more advanced and updated tool and the benefits of it are usually gigantic. Once you install the code on the site, a vast array of common marketing tags can be edited and updated without using any other code update. Tag Manager offers support for custom macros, debug console, URL, event and referrer based tags.


Final Say

These are the ten important SEO tools that you can use for free from Google. Right from content creation to keyword research and on-page optimization, Google offers a lot for the benefit of SEO Professional. Are you making proper use of these SEO tools? Besides, the ones listed above, do you use any other free Google SEO tools? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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