Send Your Users Automatic Alerts With Our Automated SMS Feature

Competing in the digital age with partners and rivals, with limited resources can be a tricky thing to do. Overall success depends on many factors and while you are at it, you will need to understand that in the initial years of setting up an eCommerce website, you will be required to devote and unconditional amount of time, resources and genuine efforts, towards making your website attractive and to make it more visible.

Visibility is impacted in many ways. Your customers need to be aware about your website and need to be reminded often that your website exists and that they should shop from it. Besides offering numerous discounts and offers, what you can do is to engage them through innovative tools and features from Shiprocket 360, the leading service provider in making your website gain more audience.

One of the features that works in a very fine and seamless way to draw users to your Ecommerce website is the ‘Automatic SMS’ feature. You can use it on your Website to improve visibility and user engagement.

What is an Automatic SMS Feature?

We all know what an SMS is, but who knew that this service could turn out to be so excellent in contacting your customers, both existing and prospective ones, on such a fine level. There is no doubt that an SMS allows you to access your customers in a more direct manner. You can be sure that once you make your way to a customers’ inbox, you have a very high chance of being seen and heard by them as an SMS inbox is perhaps the most private feature service on any user’s phone.

How Can KartRocket Help You With an Automated Service?

Now that you have understood what an automatic SMS implies, here is your chance to know how KartRocket can help you implement the service for your Ecommerce website. The team has designed several SMS templates. These SMS’s are set to active by default, unless they are explicitly disabled.

It is worthy to wonder how this feature can help out your business. We have designed the templates in a way that provide direct access to a personalized set of products through links. By suing this feature, you will be able to gather statistics about which users have clicked and used the link. Like every other feature on Kartrocket, we have ensured that you can utilize our services in a seamless manner, yet retain control of certain features that you might like to be different. Take a look at the different SMS templates and settings that you can gain access to at Kartrocket.

Engagement SMS:

  • The feature is designed around sending updates on new arrival products on Wednesdays each week. This helps in keeping your customers up to date with the products that are coming up as new additions to your catalog.
  • Trending products are sent out on Saturdays. Help your customers stay up beat with the latest fashions and trends by letting them know about products that are making the rounds around your shelves quickly.

Following are the SMS credit plans available at Kartrocket:


Kindly note that we do not provide the facility for additional SMS templates in the Premium plan.

How to Install the Feature From KartRocket Admin Panel?

  • Login to your KartRocket account and access the marketing tab on the left side.
  • You will be able to see a ‘Re-engage’ tab under the marketing head.


  • Head over to this section and choose ‘automatic SMS’ from the top tabs.


  • Over here, you will be able to gain access to all the information about our automatic SMS function.
  • After you have read the settings, choose to toggle the tab on the bottom to ‘on’ and allow KartRocket to manage your automatic SMS’s.


  • We charge a nominal amount for every mail after your trial period is over. You can enjoy this feature for free for an initial period of 30 days.
  • You will be able to see the count of the SMS sent in the same panel.



Let your customers know about your website in an instant manner through updates from SMS. This is the quickest way to make way in to a customer’s daily schedule and let them know about your product catalogue’s. Try this feature from KartRocket today.


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