Shopping Cart Abandonment? Check Out the Major Reasons Behind It

If you are an online retail store owner, the biggest challenge for you might be getting visitors and potential customers to your store. For this, you put up a good amount of money on marketing, online advertisements and much more. You might think that driving visitors to your website will draw huge money. But there is a bigger problem of shopping cart abandonment waiting for you. With this, comes a bigger challenge on how to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

For any online store, shopping cart abandonment is uncontrollable. Although, you make every effort to drive more customers, but there is nothing worse that a customer spending time of your online store, choosing products and leave before finalizing the transaction. This is one of the major factors that merchants lose a lot of sales and profit.

Since, you cannot control the number of abandonment, but you can induce various strategies to reduce shopping cart abandonment on your ecommerce website. Before getting into the solution, let’s understand the major reasons behind this:

Why 60% Of Online Shoppers Abandon Their Shopping Cart?

Yes, you read it right. According to a recent study, it has been found that approximately 60% on online shopper leave your website before the final transaction. Why they do it? What are the reasons? Check this out to know.

1) Shopping Cart Abandonment Due to Unexpected Costs

The major reason behind any online shoppers quitting before the final transaction is introduction of unexpected cost like shipping charges or any other tax. This cost might be more than your competitors. Sometime, due to this extra cost, the final price of the product crosses the MRP.

2) Slow Website

Sometimes, your website, especially the checkout page, is very slow. Due to this, your customer prefers to leave at the checkout rather than waiting for your website to work. Remember, nobody has too much time to shop and wait.

3) Comparing Price

Sometime, the visitor goes till the checkout page, just to compare prices from your competitors. Due to this, they leave their cart and go to another website to check the prices.

4) No Guest Checkout

Many times, your shopper is in a hurry. All he/she wants to complete the checkout process as quickly as possible. In this hurry, if you introduce compulsion registration at checkout with various details to be filled it. Due to time constraint, your shopper leaves the website.

5) Lack Of Payment Options

Many shoppers leave their cart at checkout, in case your website does not accept a particular debit/credit card or cash on delivery.

6) Shipping Issues

If your ecommerce website does not provide shipping to a particular area, then the shopper might get disappointed and leave the cart.

7) Website Navigation Is Complicated

If your website is hugely complicated or include numerous steps during checkout or ask for too much information, then there are huge chances that your shopper will leave the cart abandoned.

8) Website Security

If the customer is not assured that your website is safe or online payment is secure, then they will leave the shopping cart before the final transaction.


Shopping cart abandonment is a serious issue, which is really hampering the sales of your ecommerce store. The above mentioned points are just a glance of common reasons behind this. However, these are not the ONLY one. If the rate of shopping cart abandon is higher on your online store, then you need to follow some strategies like offer free shipping, discounts, etc. We will be coming soon with the most effective strategies to decrease the rate of abandoned carts.

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