What Are Shopping Engines and How They Can Help You Increase Sales?

Creating an eCommerce portal or introducing best products may or may not help your online business every time to touch the peak of success. You should focus on building a successful retail marketing strategy and be updated with new and advanced search engine techniques. As the online market is getting tougher for e-commerce business owners nowadays, they have to go ahead with a variety of marketplace and advertising options, so that niche shoppers can find their products easily.

Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE) are one of the finest and most obvious search engine places where e-commerce owners can showcase their products in front of global market competitors to attract desired traffic and get relevant target consumers. These sites allow consumers see and compare the price of your products as well as gain information about their distinguishing benefits and features. While most of the online retailers opt for Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Campaigns, Paid Search and other traditional digital marketing promotion ways, a thoroughly strategized and well-developed comparison shopping engine promotion program can be a game changer for e-commerce businesses of any size.

Let’s get a brief view on “How Shopping Engines can boost your sales?”

Price Comparison in Between Shoppers

Place yourself in the shoes of the consumer, what will you do before buying any product? You will compare all available options for that product category; this is exactly what consumers do every time when they start online shopping. Surveys state that almost 9 out of 10 consumer’s compare the price, benefits and features of a product before placing an online order. The higher the product price, the more time they will likely spend continuing to search for a better price alternative for the similar product elsewhere.
With Comparison Search Engines, your products can be directly viewed in search engine result pages, where shoppers can easily compare it to the retail store and competitor prices.

Outstanding Product Data Makes the Difference

The more you describe, the better the results will be. Well-written product descriptions, features, benefits, usability and other aspects in your CSE data feed can be a game-changer for e-commerce owners to promote and compete their products beyond the price fact. By describing the product with highly attractive titles and descriptions will create the best ever trust factor for your online business and move customers toward purchasing your product. Customers in turn tend to build a strong relationship with your brand.


Every Review Counts for Brand Recognition

Almost every Comparison Shopping Engine has options for giving product and seller reviews. By showing up your product in higher ranked services and with quality reviews, your potential customer count will reach its peak easily and effortlessly. Typically, customers stick with products that have better reviews or customer satisfaction points. Even for new customers, reviews are very crucial because they haven’t purchased from you before, and good reviews will do the trick for you here.

CSE Helps With Your Digital Promotion

Adding your products in CSEs will allow your online business to be included in search engine result pages for multiple times. It will allow your products to obtain more search engine result listings. E-commerce business owners can easily use the web analytic data of CSEs to better promote SEO and other paid campaigns. Your products with better search queries and conversation from CSE product listings can be used directly for digital marketing promotions. Even CSEs are great places to start when submitting your online product feeds.


5 Most Popular Comparison Shopping Engine That You Should Go For
1. Google Shopping

Google Shopping is most used and best known Comparison Shopping Engine among users. It helps your products to retain huge exposure for a long time by channelling worldwide traffic from the world’s highest popular and largest search engine. This CSE generates constant traffic, clicks, and sales for e-commerce owners. It offers simple merchant tools and significant search engine ads for optimum revenue generation.

2. Shopzilla

Although Shopzilla is a paid shopping engine, but it is one of the highest revenue producers among other shopping engines. Shopzilla features simple bidding and merchant tools, and has a very high converting rate for users. It also supports bulk product feed upload for users.


3. Amazon

A huge audience, great converting rate, easy-to-use merchant tools and most importantly budget friendly; Amazon product ads are just outstanding with their works. You can upload products via FTP or manually. Amazon product ad links customers directly to business owner’s external web store for a direct transaction.


4. eBay Commerce Network

The eBay Commerce Network is a low paid Comparison Shopping Engine. It offers category-level bids and great flexibility during product data upload. eBay Commerce is counted as one of the top traffic creating shopping engines of all time.


5. PriceGrabber

PriceGrabber has a huge network of sites that reach 26 countries worldwide. An estimated number of 1billion annual sales get completed through PriceGrabber for third party vendors. It has easy market research tools, report generating tools and product trackers for its users.


CSE management requires quite some skills to operate at its best to generate the best traffic and revenue for its users. An effective and well-managed CSE promotion campaign will double your ROI in a very short time period. Unique aspects of CSI programs can help e-commerce business owners to build an overall improvement to their e-commerce marketing with better support, low-priced campaign budget, and fast-paced results. In order to get successful with CSE campaign, you have to keep up-to-date on product guideline of different shopping engines and optimize your product data quite skilfully. So, get started today integrate them with your KartRocket website and enjoy the benefits.


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