Show Your Instagram Feeds On Your Website With Our “Instagram Feed” app. Learn How?

Kartrocket instagram feed app

Learn why you should have an active Instagram account & why you should activate our new “Instagram Feed” app.

Instagram is turning out to be the most engaging platform, with its recent launch of Instagram stories it has almost broken all records. Instagram is the next big thing on internet with its user base expected to grow 150 million in the coming years. Most of us are aware of Instagram but we don’t find it important enough for our business, but it can make a positive impact for the business. Below some of the business benefits of using Instagram as marketing tool:

Have a look at the Key Benefits of an Instagram Page

  1. Increases Customer Engagement
  2. Building trust and personality
  3. Increase traffic to your website
  4. Gaining a competitive advantage over others
  5. Reaching target market
  6. Build your network

Instagram widgets help you sync your website with your active Instagram account & display live feeds. To give benefit to our stores for using the functionality we’ve created a new app “Instagram Feed”. The app gives you the ability to sync your Instagram feed with your store. It can be activated or deactivated from the admin panel as per requirement.

Why you should activate this feature:

  1. It helps users feel engaged with your brand.
  2. It helps in spreading the good will for your brand
  3. Posting engaging content on Instagram and showing it on your website will help you increase your followers
  4. Keeps existing shoppers updated with the activities happening on your Instagram page
  5. If you support Instagram selling then it can act as a channel for promotion for sellers.
  6. A great way to keep your users updated with the promotions happening on your Instagram page

Here’s how you can integrate it in your admin panel:

  1. Login to your store’s admin panel.
  2. Navigate to “Apps” section in the left menu.


  1. Click on “Social Media” tab and search for “Instagram Feed”.


  1. Click on “Install”.
  2. Once the app is successfully installed in your store, you will see a green button for “Setting”. Click on that.
  3. Click on “Generate Access Token” link.


  1. You will be navigated to a new page, click on “Generate Access Token” button in red.


  1. You will promoted to enter the Instagram credentials.


  1. On successful login a unique key would be generated, please copy and paste it in the “Instagram Access Token” field provided in your store’s admin panel.


  1. Toggle the status to “ON” if you want it to be activated on your store.
  2. Fill all the mandatory fields and click on “Save”.

Please find below the explanation for the fields in the setting of the app :

  • Status – On/Off
    To activate or deactivate the feature on your store
  • Instagram Access Token
    Unique token generated for every active ID on Instagram.
  • Number of feeds to be shown in the block
    The count of image that will be shown in the block in the website front end.
  • Show title – Enable/Disable
    Show title on the feed block on image hover
  • Show Likes – Enable/Disable
    Show number of like in the feed block on image hover
  • Show comments – Enable/Disable
    Show number of comments in the feed block on image hover
  • Layouts
    Select the layout on which you want to show the feed. Possible layouts are Home Page, Category Page, Product Page & All pages.
  • Position
    Select the position where you want the feed to be shown in the front end.
  • Template
    Select the front end layout of the feed. We have two options to show

B)Horizontal Carousal:


  • Sort Order
    Sort order is the sequence in which the feed would be visible

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