Simplified Bulk Product Upload Feature

We work day in and out to come up with new and simplified features in KartRocket admin panel, here we are with a new product release a simplified version of “bulk product upload”.

Bulk product upload is such a trivial part of managing your website; we thought reducing the effort on this process would save a huge bunch of man hours. The existing 5 step process of bulk upload has been reduced to a single step, where you need to only specify important details and rest settings are set to default.

In the following article, we will explain you every minutest detail associated with the feature.

Please note that this is an add-on feature, the existing advanced bulk upload functionality is also there in the admin panel.

How the New Bulk Upload Process Works:

We’ve implemented the below changes in the existing advanced bulk upload process to make it more simple & user-friendly:

  1. Product import sheet has been recreated to include minimal required fields.
  2. Products are imported with default settings stated in the following part of the article.

Fields that can be imported:

  1. SKU
  2. Product Name
  3. Description
  4. Model
  5. Brand
  6. Category
  7. Image
  8. Attribute
  9. Option
  10. Meta Description
  11. Meta Keywords
  12. Meta Title
  13. Product Tags
  14. Subtract Stock
  15. Length
  16. Height
  17. Width
  18. Price
  19. Special Price
  20. Qty
  21. Weight
  22. Tax Class
  23. Sort order
  24. Product Status

Settings that can be defined:


  1. Import file: Here you can upload the csv file that you have created for basic bulk product import
  2. CSV Field Delimiter: Select the type of import file, you can select “,” or “Tab”
  3. Empty store before import: If you want to remove all the previously added products from admin, you can select Yes from the dropdown, else leave it as “No”
  4. New Items: You can select “Add” if you want to add new products that are not previously added, else you can “Skip” these
  5. Existing Items: You can select “Update” if you want to update the existing products, else you can “Skip” these
  6. Items In Store But Not In File: You can “Ignore / Delete / disable” the products that are available in the store but not included in the file that you are going to upload
  7. Identify Existing Products By Matching Field: You can define a unique identifier “SKU/Model” to identify existing products

Product Images Upload:

You can upload the product images in bulk by using Upload image functionality. Simply either click on Browse button and select image and upload or you can simply drag and drop images here.

Default settings & their values: Below is the list of the settings and their default values that we have set for the basic bulk import process.


Setting NameDefinitionDefault Value in Basic Bulk Product ImportEditable in Basic Bulk Product Import
Out of StockThis is the status of the inventory in case product is sold out/out of stockOut of StockNo
Subtract StockThis is the setting that allows user to set whether the inventory will be minus or not in case a product is sold.

This will be by default “Yes”, additionally, you can set this at product level by adding 1 for Yes and 0 for No in the basic bulk import sheet

1 (Yes)Yes
Requires ShippingIf you’re selling a digital download product or a service, requires shipping should be disabled, as nothing will be shipped to the customer.

This will be by default “Yes

1 (Yes)No
Minimum QuantityThis is the minimum quantity that a customer can purchase for a product1No
Product StatusThis is the product status Enabled / Disabled

This will be by default “Enabled”, additionally you can set this at product level by adding 1 for Enabled and 0 for Disabled the product in basic bulk product import

1 (Enabled)Yes
Weight ClassThis will be “Kilogram” by default


Length ClassThis will be “Centimetres” by defaultCentimetresNo
Customer GroupThis is used in defining the special price of thee product. You can define that special price X will be available for a certain customer group.

This will be the default group that you have set in general settings, you can additionally set this at product level by adding customer group id in basic bulk product import

Default Group defined in general settingsYes


Product import process is in general 2 steps process and these steps are:

I –  To create excel sheet in the Kartrocket specified Format

We’ve specified format to upload products in bulk. Below is the attached upload sheet for basic bulk product sheet for your reference:

This sheet includes 2 worksheets, a.) Basic Import Sample sheet and b.) Import Sheet guide

  1. This worksheet i.e. “Import_Sheet_Guide” is created for reference, you can read the definition, Format to fill the values with examples.
  2. First worksheet “Basic_Import_Sample_Sheet” is a sample data sheet in Kartrocket format, you can edit/update the product data in the sheet.


  1. Please delete this worksheet i.e. “Import_Sheet_Guide” and upload only the first worksheet “Basic_Import_Sample_Sheet” after converting the sheet in Comma Delimited (CSV)/Tab Delimited (TXT) format.


  1. Please don’t change column names (column name’s format in case of attributes and options), else system will not accept the sheet.
  2. Please don’t add / delete any column in the sheet, else system will not accept the sheet. In case you don’t want to fill values in any column, please leave it blank (column name will be available as it is mentioned in the sheet).
  3. Once all the values are filled the sheet is now ready for bulk import.


II –  To upload excel sheet using Basic Bulk Product Import

  1. Login to your store admin panel
  2. Navigate to left side panel and click on “Catalog > Import products”
  3. A screen with the simplified fields for bulk import will open up. You can simply click on “Browse” to select the product file.

Note – If case you don’t have the new sheet format, Click on “Download Sample File” button

  1. Once the file has browsed and attached, go ahead and change the default values of the below fields as per your requirement.
  2. Then, click on “Import”

Note – The system will check the columns name for the predefined columns of the sample sheet and the sheet that is uploaded by the user. If the columns match, the upload process starts automatically, else it throws an error message that “Warning: Your headings are not suitable for direct usage please check every column has a unique heading and must be in specified format”.

  1. Once successfully imported, the products would be visible in the front end.
  2. For advanced upload features, you can click on “Advance Product Import” and the existing 5 step bulk import process would open up.

So, now you’re all set to use this feature in your day to day upload activity and decide when you want to go for the advanced import feature and when not.

We tried to make this article as useful as possible and I hope now you have the complete understanding of the feature. Watch out this space to be the first one to know about the product updates.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SMB’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.


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